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Beautifully drawn by Sid (Erasvita@DA)!
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 Year || 503
 Season || Fall
 Temp || 35℉ (℃) - 69℉ (℃)
 Weather || The iron grip of Summer has slowly faded into the gentler Fall embrace. The morning dew frosts over in the early morning hours and melts by the time the sun hits high in the sky. Many of the trees have traded their lush, vivid green for a more suitable array of red and orange hues. But don't blink, for Winter's cold embrace is fast upon Fall's heels.


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r.i.p. to my youth;

Pair of the Season
Atreus and Fiona

Quote of the Season
"Are there lines she's crossing? Should she toe them or touch them with a pole and stay away wholly? But to avoid such a storm he offers, such a taste of life; to withhold herself from the chance to taste starlight, to love satin and silk and swallow pomegranate seeds not yet offered... She should be stronger." — Moira in
Small as a wish in a well

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Poll: Should we lower the profile word count? If so, how?
You do not have permission to vote in this poll.
Keep it the same (200-300-400)
4 30.77%
Make it 200 across the board (appearance, personality, history)
2 15.38%
Lower each area by 100 (100-200-300)
7 53.85%
Another suggestion (please post a reply with your suggestion)
0 0%
Total 13 vote(s) 100%
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OOC - POLL: Lowering Word Counts
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Hey everyone! So we've recently been seeing suggestions to lower the word count requirement on character profiles. We'd like to get everyone's opinions on what you guys want to see changed, and how! Feel free to post relevant discussions in subsequent posts, or offer a suggestion for an alternative not mentioned in the poll.

Current, our rules are "200-300-400" - meaning...
- Appearance must be 200 words
- Personality must be 300 words
- History must be 400 words

Edit: please be sure to only vote once <3


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