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OOC  - Year 503 Fall - Spotlight Announcements!

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All prizes have been distributed!

Congratulate @e-cho on winning Member of the Season!

Echo is an amazing member, one that we believe really helps make up "the face" of Novus! She's always on the welcome wagon for new members, and she always has kind words to say and support to give to everyone. She's been active, is always ready to dive into plots, and is a driving force in building the community. From her activity and jovial personality, she is charming and lovely to be around. Her work with Moira is astounding, and it has been so lovely to see her step up and take a larger role in the Night Court, both ICly and OOCly! This nomination for our resident grandma as been a long time coming; Echo you truly deserve this!

Congratulate @Seraphina on winning Character of the Season!

Another nomination that has been a long time in the making!! This decision was incredibly difficult due to how many amazing characters whom were nominated, but we feel Seraphina truly deserves the recognition. She went through a whirlwind of change during the Fall - from being challenged for her crown and losing it (the physical and emotional scars resulting from it), to that heart-wrenching trip to Veneror, and finally her organizing an underground rebellion! Seraphina has done it all, and it doesn't look as if she's stopping any time soon. Jeanne has done an incredible job with her, and it has been so rewarding seeing our silver queen get back in action - we can't wait to see where all this drama goes!

Congratulate @Theodosia on winning Quote of the Season!

From Cinderblock gardens — "There is something to be said for how soothing habit could be, when one was trying to avoid words they shouldn’t say."

This quote struck home with all of us. It's one of those beautiful quotes that can be taken completely out of context and still hit a chord - but man, within the context of this thread, it truly hits us. Bruiser writes her so beautifully, and this quote speaks so greatly of her character; it's incredibly fitting for the Champion of Battle, and we feel it applies wonderfully to the Halcyon as a whole.

Congratulate @Moira and @Asterion on winning Pair of the Season!

Have you guys read their threads together? If not, go - now. I still remember reading these two together way back during the Delumine Woodstock Festival, and seeing how far they've come since then has been a real treat. We can’t help but swoon over every encounter: their threads are heart wrenchingly beautiful, and the feels that they spread out are wonderful, beautiful, and make me wish I could eat a pint of ice cream for solace.

Congratulate @Regis and @Moira on "Coloring outside the lines" winning Thread of the Season!

Another horribly hard decision to make, with all the beautiful threads on Novus! Ultimately we went with something a little more heartfelt for this seasons' spotlight. The tone of this thread remains innocent despite all the in character drama and tensions currently taking place, and it's been a really refreshing read! With all the darkness taking place within each of the characters' respective courts, a thread like this is a true gem - innocent, carefree, and downright adorable.

Spotlight Nominations for Year 503 Fall are now open! We're looking at YOU guys to give us the nominations on who you think would be the best for the following categories:

CHARACTER of the Season
Theodosia, who won Character OTS for 503 Summer, is not available for nomination!

Current nominations: 

PAIR of the Season
Atreus&Fiona, who won Pair OTS for 503 Summer, cannot be nominated!

Current nominations:
@Moira & @Asterion
@Somnus & @Eulalie
@Asterion & @Florentine

THREAD of the Season

MEMBER of the Season
Nestle, who won Player OTS for 503 Summer, isn't available for nomination!

Current nominations:

QUOTE of the Season

Quote must come from a post made during SEASON (02/01-03/31)!

Current nominations include...

"There are so many wonderful ways to be violent." - Bexley, Come Home to My Heart

"There is something to be said for how soothing habit could be, when one was trying to avoid words they shouldn’t say." -Theodosia, Cinderblock Gardens

  • Winners will receive 100 signos and be highlighted in our Spotlight section!

  • The (first) person to nominate a Spotlight winner will also receive 100 signos!

  • Post the below form in a reply to this thread, or message staff directly if you'd like to stay anonymous.

  • You may nominate for 1, 2, 3, or all categories - and may make multiple nominations per category!

  • You can nominate those already listed under current nominations, but be aware that multiple votes won't increase their chances of winning! Please try and suggest someone different, if you're able to!

  • We know it's tempting (and many of you deserve the recognition!), but please don't nominate yourself!

  • Players/Characters who won the Year 503 Summer Spotlights cannot be nominated this time around. This doesn't apply to those who were nominated last time but not chosen. They may be nominated again!

<div class="tcat"><font style="font-size:20px; font-weight:bold;">Spotlight Nomination!</font></div>

<b>Show us</b>: <a href="">LINK</a> TO THE CHARACTER(s), THREAD, OR MEMBER


Staff will make the final vote and decide which of the nominees for each category is the best fit!


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Spotlight Nomination!

Which OTS: Thread
Show us: Click to read and cry all the tears.
Reason:  Because, drama... and this thread is a real game changer, moving the plot of the game forward in new paths.  Plus, it's beautifully written.
** Staff edit: "A night so black that the blackness hummed" added to thread nominations!

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Spotlight Nomination!

Which OTS: Character of the Season
Show us: @Raum
Reason: Do I really need to elaborate when the tale of Raum's deeds are being sang, or cursed across Novus? xD Raum has been an intriguing character from the very beginning, but those intriguing and interesting 'quirks' have shifted and altered in ways that I don't think any of us, even Obsidian, could have ever expected. From challenging Seraphina and taking the crown of Day Court, as well as killing Acton, Raum definitely deserves this highlight... Even if he made almost every player on site cry.
** Staff edit: Raum added to character nominations!

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Spotlight Nomination!

Show us: @Isra
Reason:  I'm torn between Raum (another stellar character) and Isra, but I'm going to nominate Isra. She's such a beautiful heroine, both soft, mysterious and fierce. Nestle's writing is purely enchanting. Isra is filled with so much emotion, it just breaks your heart. I really love watching how Isra's story unfolds. And looking forward to more!

i may come back and add more <3

** Staff edit: Isra added to character nominations!

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Spotlight Nomination!

Show us: @Seraphina
Reason: honestly shocked that Sera hasn't won character of the season yet. ever since I first joined Novus a little over a year ago, it has been an absolute joy following Seraphina's journey from emissary to queen to revolutionary. especially in light of recent events, Sera's had not one but three (in my humble opinion) stellar threads that all manage to both tear at your heartstrings and make you love Sera (Fia) that much more. she's seriously the queen of my heart and I'm so excited to see what things lie in store for her, now that she's collarless and unstoppable! <3

Spotlight Nomination!

Show us: here
Reason: this thread is probably one of my all time favorites, because not only does it feature two badass queens, but it reads like a novella almost -- packed full of character development for both Isra and Sera. the prose is lovely, the emotions are devastating. I seriously adore this thread, and nestle and jeanne did a wonderful job weaving such an intricate, beautiful story.

Spotlight Nomination!

Show us: @Moira and @Asterion
Reason: I have been a FAN of these two ever since their first thread, especially after that doozy of a thread (the kiss and Mo's reaction -- seriously when will their next encounter happen). don't leave us hanging echo and griff ;D

Spotlight Nomination!

Show us: @Somnus and @Eulalie
Reason: one word: WEDDING <3 <3 the wedding of the season. the William-and-Kate or the Harry-and-Megan of Novus -- whichever you prefer, Somnus and Eulalie are icons and I love them (and their lovely children) a lot.

Spotlight Nomination!

Show us: @e-cho
Reason: having trouble tagging her but anyways echo's seriously a gem -- her constant love and support for all the members of the community, her empathy, her enthusiasm, and her wonderful characters make her so so deserving for member of the season! <3 <3 

** Staff edit: @Seraphina added to Character nominations, @e-cho added to member nominations, @Somnus and @Eulalie added to pair nominations, @Moira and @Asterion added to pair nominations, thumb down and starting to weep added to thread nominations!

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Spotlight Nomination!

Which OTS: Character
Show us: @Israfel
Reason: Israfel has been busy this season!! She's made a new sassy lady friend (Theo and Isra, bffs anybody?), is catching herself a man (Ulric c;) and wow that recent reply to her immortality quest!! I feel like Israfel very recently has made huge IC strides and I'm here for it. She's no longer just the fiery, sarcastic Dusk Warden (even though we've loved her for her); she's grown, a lot I feel, and I think it makes her very deserving of recognition.

Spotlight Nomination!

Which OTS: Pair
Show us: @Asterion and @Florentine
Reason: I've always loved the relationship between these two! Who doesn't love a solid, wholesome brother and sister relationship? When I read these two together, I feel like I get so much more insight into who they are as characters and although Florentine doesn't seem to be leaving now, their recent thread together talking about it brought me so many emotions. They are so sweet together and I need more familial bonds like this on site!

Spotlight Nomination!

Which OTS: Thread
Show us: Coloring Outside the Lines
Reason: There's a lot happening in the world of Novus right now. Lots of drama, lots of confusion, lots of pain. I think, amidst all of that, this thread between Regis and Moira is a sort of beacon of light. Regis is such a little gentleman and truly there are not enough children on site so any thread he is in brings a smile to my face, and the way Moira acts with him is as sweet as the treats she feeds him full of at the end. I've really enjoyed reading this thread, and the aftermath of it (pen pals? mailed sweets?) will be just as refreshing I think.

Spotlight Nomination!

Which OTS: Quote
Show us: "There are so many wonderful ways to be violent." - Bexley, Come Home to My Heart
Reason: There's something incredibly poetic about this sentence, something ironic but true, and it stuck with me long past reading the post it was written in. Given the context of this thread; Bexley discovering Acton has died and coming upon Raum, and asking him if he is okay I think that this one line, of all, sums this thread up so well. It is full of some kind of dark beauty, like a poem.

** Staff edit - @Bexley's statement added to quote nominations, Coloring Outside the Lines added to thread nominations, @Asterion and @Florentine added to pair nominations, @Israfel added to character nominations!

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Spotlight Nomination!

Which OTS: Member
Show us: @Muirgen
Reason: Mui is an absolute gem and shining light; she's sweet and funny and around to give an encouraging word or heart-warming comment all the time. I adore her characters, her prose, and simply the lady herself. Plus, her one-liners kill me; I can't tell you how I catch my breath sometimes because it can take a while. I definitely feel that Mui deserves this distinction and recognition as one of Novus' outstanding members who contributes so much.

Which OTS: Member
Show us: @redandblack
Reason: This. Girl. Is. Great. Over and over again she comes in happy and helpful to chat and lift spirits. RB lives a life of adventure and fun things, has a bright future, and still comes on to write some of the most beautiful and touching words that move our hearts like no other. Seeing her around always makes me smile - she's one of the first people I met on Novus and has been welcoming and charming ever since.

Which OTS: Thread
Show us: Still, like dust, I rise
Reason: Just read it and feel. Actually though, this thread is so beautifully done and breathtaking. There is so much raw emotion and anger and every. single. author. in there shows and tells the perfect amount that it feels like a book, it feels like a story unfolding piece by piece. It's a book I cannot put down, and I don't want to. Their futures are definitely going to be changing after this, and I cannot wait to see the finale !

Which OTS: Thread
Show us: La belle dame sans merci
Reason: Griff and Obsi write some of the most florid, churning posts I have the chance to read. They flow. There is nothing hard to get through, it is not an uphill battle. It is a lullaby. It is the moon smiling and kissing you goodnight. While this thread, I don't think, is integral to the Raumgime or drama happening on site, I feel it deserves recognition for its sheer beauty. Every post is a raindrop in a growing pond, a beautiful conglomeration making a symphony for the eyes. I feast upon each addition. I devour it quicker than my morning coffee. It's beautiful and soft and otherworldly with two star-children who are beautiful and soft and otherworldly. Simply great writing in here that I feel should be stared at more. <3

** Staff edit: @Muirgen and @redandblack added to member nominations, La belle dame sans merci and Still, like dust, I rise added to thread nominations!

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Spotlight Nomination!

Which OTS: Thread
Show us: Come home to my heart
Reason: This thread is full of not only some incredible writing from both participants, but contains some beautifully written and inventive use of magic and real depth of emotion from both characters. I also think stylistically it's really fun and different! Also it has made me literally cry (but then, several threads have this season, and also I am biased on Acton-related things.)

** Staff edit: Come home to my heart added to thread nominations!

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ahhhh so so many great threads this season. And good on you novus for all the great nominations so far <3 <3

Spotlight Nomination!

Which OTS: Quote
Show us: "there is something to be said for how soothing habit could be, when one was trying to avoid words they shouldn’t say" -Theodosia
Reason: This quote says SO MUCH in so few words. bless theo

Which OTS: Character
Show us: Pan
Reason: Pan is an absolute ray of sunshine who brings me so much joy... It's at the point where just seeing his name makes me happy. He's been on many adventures this season and I can't wait to see what's next in store for the lost boy <3 Plus, Firefly has been so active with him... He's only been (re)joined for just over 2 months and he's already at 65 posts!?

** Staff edit: @Pan added to character nominations and @Theodosia's statement added to Quote nominations!

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