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if you wanna start a fight, you better throw the first punch

He spends most of his days in the canyons, now that Raum has seized the crown, and even Teiran does not follow him into the winding paths as often as she used to, too occupied with the death of the Queen.

He is...indifferent. Time will depose Raum, he is sure, and the world will keep turning around the sun. He has seen many other dictators claim the throne, had once grasped the crown with blood-stained hands himself, and always the people would rise up against the leaders with the stolen crowns and blood in their mouths.

It was inevitable, and he had no plans to get himself tangled up in the whispers of war that rippled throughout the court, nor the rebellion that loomed above the sands like a teryr looking for its next meal. So he retreats to the maze of canyon walls and he follows the path that leads towards what he calls home -- a small, hidden cave, just large enough to store his battered armor and to cover his body when it rained, tucked far enough into the canyons that he is left in peace.

It is here he intends to wait out this war.




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