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Interactive Quest  - the robbed that smiles

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steals something from the thief

The Night Court marketplace is alive with free spirits roaming the jovial streets as cobblestoned pathways are lined with merchants and entertainers alike. The night is young, and the parties are only just now getting started; a small festival in honor of Caligo is being held beneath the watchful eye of a full moon, its subdued shine gleaming down on those gathered below to celebrate. And oh, how they all flooded in and around and between, clogging up the paths to the wares and the rings that have formed around the dancers and fire breathers, musicians and fortunetellers. The performers put on quite a show for their audience, laughing and smiling at the eyes that glitter, the haughty, happy sounds pouring from those that are enthralled; children race each other to the next booth, painted faces turning them into something--someone--else. Their parents do their best to keep sights upon them, but they are not concerned, for what, really, goes wrong during such innocent festivities?

And he is there too, the magician with a body that glows brighter than any lit torch as he burns from the inside out, the center of attention with his magic tricks; and though he might have had some hidden reserve for engaging with so many others all at once--so much clamoring and shouting in awe--his introverted heart is soft that night as he appeased the guests with, perhaps, some cards and doves and even a dragon or two as they floated down to play. The atmosphere is warm as a summer's eve, fireworks shooting to bring color to the world, the clamorous and jubilant haze wrapping their way around all except for one...

One who has eyes for not just Azrael, but the necklace around his nape that twinkled against his light.

It all happens in a blur between the excessive activities: the small figure dashes through the crowd and snatches the chain right from the magician's neck, not stopping for a moment before disappearing down an alleyway. When Azrael notices (whether it was mere seconds or several minutes that brushed past him) he must excuse himself from his performance and track down the thief. An inkling of a feeling will drip into his consciousness that points him in the right direction, but he'll find himself faced with a challenge; the alleyway the slippery criminal went down splits into three side paths, and it's up to him to decide which to go through.

The necklace the robber possesses was imbued with magic as they ran (they can sell it for a pretty penny) and it now glows as determinedly as Azrael's own body. Will he recognize the radiance and find the thief, reclaiming what is rightfully his?

@Azrael will be in the middle of some performance--the details are up to you--when from a crowd a stranger springs forth and steals the necklace from right around his neck! Azrael will have mere seconds to excuse himself from his audience and confront the thief--but will he be able to find him again? But somewhere down an alleyway, a subtle blue glow is emanating, drawing him forward into the dark. 

If he does, he may find that his necklace is not quite the same as it was only moments before...

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This quest was written by the lovely Avis. <3


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The raucous festival was alive around him, bodies thrusting together as each vied for a closer look at the cards and the bonfires.  There is music in the air – too loud for Azrael’s liking, but never-the-less a welcome distraction as he hums fortunes to patrons who approach him.  They called him a magician – but it is more than tricks that the stallion of stardust and light can offer.  The stars provided far more lucrative answers than slight of hand tricks and white birds being pulled from a hat.  He could read the cards too, like any star-shed had been taught to do… but more alluring was his preaching of the future, as it was told by the night sky itself.

You there – care for a fortune or a whispered truth from a star scryer?  His question is harmless, his answers based more on the power of observation than anything, as he watched the crowd for signs of what they seeked.  Some wished for love, he knew – others, for peace and stability.  There were some which watched the festival with hungry eyes, seeking debauchery and losing themselves to the magic of the night.  He told them what they wanted to hear – simple truths which they were too unaware to realize for themselves… and each had left a happy customer.

As the night wore on, Azrael grew a bit tired, a bit less sharp.  Perhaps this is how he’d missed the slippery fingered thief.  As he turns to rub his lips against the smooth obelisk on his chest, he finds it suspiciously absent.  The stone was more than a mere trinket to the boy – for each shed-star was given one at birth from their true mother – the only remnant he had of her.  Pain, an emotion he seldom allowed himself to feel, sank into his mind, sharp and swift.  Bowing gracefully to his patrons, the nebula stallion wound his way through the tents, his sea-green eyes hot with frustration, as he searched the ground for signs of his beloved pendant.

He strayed from the din of the festival, into the dark alleyways, guided by a strange sensation that pricked at the back of his neck.  Something told him to follow the winding pathways, until at last a twinkling glow guides him to the thief.

Blinking into the dark corners of the alleyway, he is drawn to the light like a moth to a flame.  It is a strange thing, emitting from something small, but shining bright enough to light the cobbled street and the thief that held it.  Only once he is close enough to see the fear in the boy’s eyes, does Azrael realize his pendant emits the glow.

Anger is swift, but it is quickly replaced with curiosity.  While he should express his anger to the thief, he begrudgingly had to admit that his pendant had been made more beautiful, by whatever enchantment was now upon it.  He considers the punishment – for thievery is something not taken lightly by Denocte… but decides instead to take the high road.

“You have what is mine, and it is my right to take you before the citadel for justice… but tonight, I’m feeling gracious.  Tonight, I’ll let you slip into the darkness… but I must caution you…” he steps forward, nipping the pendant away from the boy in one swift movement.  “A second infraction would leave a most unfortunate mark upon you.  Keep your nose clean, boy.” and with that, the thief huddles gratefully away, skirting justice but leaving Azrael with a treasure most curious, nestled back in its place upon his breast.



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