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 Year || 503
 Season || Winter
 Temp || -10℉ (-23℃) to 55℉ (12℃)
 Weather || Winter has left a blanket of pristine white snow in many parts of Novus. Only Solterra remains mostly untouched by the season's frosted hold, but even the desert may feel a cold breath of wind now and then. With Winter now settled across the continent, dreams of Spring dance in the minds of many.

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Character: Seraphina

Pair: Moira & Asterion

Thread: Coloring outside the lines

Quote: "There is something to be said for how soothing habit could be, when one was trying to avoid words they shouldn’t say." Theodosia, Cinderblock gardens
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is this a natural feeling or is it just me bleeding?
He had gotten lost. Point blank, there was no way to deny the truth of it any longer. He had gone on and on, thinking that he would find his way, but the situation was finally sinking in. Lasairian didn't really know where he was, and must have taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way. Perhaps the heat had gotten to him, and he was simply unable to focus properly on getting out of this place? That could explain it. He had enough delusions that maybe that was creep-crawling into the other aspects of a usually clear mind. Lasairian didn't like the thought of it, but he couldn't say for certain on it, either.

The main purpose of this venture was to get into the canyon and search out the Ocotillo plant, but Lasairian hadn't found one until he was already quite lost. The plant itself was pretty neat, and various parts -- mostly the bark -- could be used against fatigue, swollen limbs, coughs and as a blood purifier. That last thing was something that had drawn Lasairian's interest the most, because of the types of magic he reached for the most. The medicinal uses otherwise were great, certainly, and he would find use for them as such, but that last one he could test himself for other things, if only he could reach far enough.

Lasairian still wanted magic, but for now he had been trying to accept that he no longer had it. That it had been leeched away somehow. Perhaps that was why he was this, now, but thinking about it all too deeply wasn't helping matters. Not normally, and not here and now, lost in the canyon with the sun beating down on him. He wished he could say that at least he was pale, not dark enough to end up warmer still, but being this pale that he was blush pink in areas wasn't a good thing when it meant that he had sensitive skin. His saving grace was the fact that it was Winter. He didn't want to see Summer here.

Right now it was bad enough that it forced him to duck into one of the caves. From there, he had started in deeper and deeper for the cooler air, seeking that out. Something felt a little off about this place, but it was curiosity that had him begin to nose about a little. Trying to place the scents, and then deciding that it seemed more equine than he figured was dangerous. It gave him a moment to set down the plant he was carrying around with him, so he could inspect it further, hoping that it wasn't damaged too much from the traveling. At least is was one of the smaller stalks, and a little easier to carry around.
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