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strangeness and

At last, she had made it to the Dawn Court. Ever since coming upon the island and Tempus' riddle, she wanted to learn more. Rumor had it that the Dawn Court had a vast collection of stories on all sorts of topics. If there was anywhere else to learn more about Tempus and Novus' gods, it was here.

The trip here was no ordinary trek. Corrdelia had to be careful not to stray too far into Solterran territory that bordered Delumine. Facing Raum or his brainwashed followers were the last things on her to-do list. Unfortunately it seemed getting into the Dawn Court was also going to be troublesome. She was not aware their borders were still closed and had to reason with the guards just to get in. Thankfully, she had been successful but was now short many signos and rice cakes. The nerve.

Now inside Delumine, she walks north through the Viride Forest. The guard at the gate gave her vague instructions on how to find the Library, so she hoped she could rely on her gut feeling to lead the way. Hāsta flies further ahead feeling nervous being in unknown territory. Corr had to constantly reassure her that it would be fine as they were not from the Day Court and had no wrong intentions being here. Those from other Courts came here all the time, Dawn was just going through some hard times. This didn't seem to settle the crow down very much, but she remains quiet for now.

The surrounding trees suddenly change in shape and texture. They seem older and wiser. Even the air reminds her of something ancient - perhaps it's the magic floating about. She knows she must be getting close as the guard had said something along these lines. Then as the trees become walls and the branches twist and turn, Corr knows she's on the right path. It shouldn't be too much farther ahead now.

As the dappled mare travels along a path created by tree roots, the pair finally pass through the entrance. It splits into different rooms and the branches rise above them to form a canopy. Light filters through in a glorious speckled pattern which only adds to the wonder of the place. Part of her wishes they had something like this in the Dusk Court because she would visit on the daily.

After moving in circles to take it all in, Corr finally moves forward again following one of the paths. She really has no idea where she's going at this point as there are shelves among shelves of books. There are lanterns illuminating the titles, but she has no idea where to start. Were they categorized? Was there some kind of method to the madness? It's not her mess to organize so she does not know.

"Hāsta, help me find something with Tempus or Gods in the title," she calls to the crow who takes flight to land on one of the lantern posts. She ruffles her feathers and shakes her head. "You think I can read your language? Ha!" she squawks and does not move from her perch. Corr rolls her eyes and continues looking.

Out of the corner of her eye, she notices movement and looks down to see a cute little fox-like creature. Its pelt is of gray and brown with a pointed muzzle and bushy tail. It scurries up and reaches out to sniff her cautiously, to which Corr does the same.

"Hello there," she greets quietly with a smile. "Can you help me find stories on Tempus?" The creature stares at Corr for a few moments as if they are considering her words. Unfortunately after a few moments, it takes off and disappears into the tunnel it came out of. The mare frowns and lets out a sigh. How is she going to get any knowledge if she can't even find the right books?

"Maybe we should've talked to someone first and come here with them. Perhaps the Library knows we're not of the Dawn Court so we're not welcome here," she guesses, looking back at Hāsta.

"I'm not sure it's that sentient, but who knows," she responds as she begins to preen. As usual, her companion was of no help.

Corr turns back to the shelves again, starting to feel at a loss when she hears a noise coming from further away. It sounds like footsteps.

"Hello?" she calls out, turning around to walk back out of the room. "Can you maybe help me?" There is some desperation in her tone, but she very much wanted to research. The pull to learn was too great and she knew it would only help her further. Tempus seemed very important and she needed to know what to prepare for.

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