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Hello my name's Ceri and I am a 22 year old female from North Carolina. I am currently dying from the summer here. I love animals and don't know what I would do without my dog, Anabeth. She is an amazing girl other than being an absolute terror outdoors. I even just got her a bright orange harness that says NO DOGS on it. Anyways, I've been roleplaying for years, I have honestly no idea how old I was when I started, I just know its been years and years with gaps in between. I enjoying arting but don't consider myself all that good at it. I am, however, excellent at BUYING art. Yep that's pretty much me c:


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WHOOT! Welcome to the Novus family :D ♥ Hopefully Dorian didn't hit yall too hard up in NC!

I definitely feel the "my dog is a terror"... I have an almost 4 year old corgi who is an absolute butthead. He growls at any dog who walks in front of him in the dog park like 'How dare you!' Pretty sure he's got Napoleon complex /rolling eyes/ But my lil old lady dachshund is an absolute sweetie.

High five for the roleplaying-since-the-dawn-of-time club! ;D



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Welcome to Novus, Ceri! We're so very glad to have you here!

Echoing what Ink said; I really hope that nothing went down too terribly in NC! It definitely looked frightening. I'm already looking forward to seeing so many pictures of your Anabeth!

I can't wait to plot and start writing together. :D


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