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Site Wide Plot  - ACT VI: if you can dream

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She steps out of the way, abrupt and with purpose as a tree curls its moaning trunk to bone—and then sand to scales, earth to serpent. From its own foundations the island strips itself bare, using every last leaf until there is nothing but sand beneath their feet and a beast in their path. Avdotya hisses under her breath, foul and cantankerous. These lands and their overgrown damned pests.” She can recall the teryr from long ago, and though her spear has begun to tremble with anticipation, she herself can only feel her growing irritation.

She watches the others first, then peels away from the group that has gone to the creature head-on. Beyond them are those that have chosen its side, hoping to wound it while it is busy with the first bunch. Avdotya shoulders past one, a pretty little thing with antlers of red and excessive decor. She seems out of place in battle, but the viper lingers not on her opinions of those involved in the scrum.

Instead, rather than simply leaping blind into a fight with a being she knows nothing of, she chooses to wait. Her desire is to watch how it reacts, how it counters those that bombarded it with attack upon attack. Avdotya wants to see what it is capable of, and only then would she throw her spear into the ring.

Avdotya chooses option 3.

You shall find that pretty rose vines are just as lovely
when they wrap tight around your limbs and shatter your bones.


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"Pleasure of a coincidence." 

Erasmus' words curl slyly around her ear like a cat's tail, and Aghavni's eyes shutter down to slits as she hastily fixates them upon the shiny, flower-strewn braid of a passing girl. 

Shuttered slits, or overlarge moons. She would rather him think her devoutly unimpressionable than a silly, flustered girl. 

"Even Father could not keep me away from such a treasure," she replies tartly, though her lips tip back to where they started (a crescent moon grin) when her eyes no longer threaten disobedience.

The tone of his voice when he answers her question, however, snags at her. Something... not right? she wonders, as she draws her neck like notching a bow, as far up as it would go. Which isn't nearly far enough. The most she can make of the Relic between the mass of frenzied bodies—madder than a swarm of hornets, she muses—is a taunting glimmer, placed like a crown jewel atop a mountain of... 


"Is it—" she begins, leaning towards the boy's shoulder as she strains to see, until a storm of hooves squeezes through between them and knocks her into the current of the advancing crowd, gasping.

The world is a mess of sand and hooves and screams. Erasmus is gone, swept away by tide or ambition—how similar they were—and in the middle of the clearing rises a snake made entirely of sand.

The hunt announces its commencement with an earthshaking, barkbreaking hiss.

The rough trunk of a palm tree kneels forwards, as if in deference to the Relic's guardian monster, and presses savagely into her spine. Aghavni turns back to glare at its shivering fronds, gaze sweeping out towards the ring of kneeling palms, and launches forwards into the madness. 

She summons all of the battle tactics Father has ever given her: Your opponent. Who are they? (A gigantic, non-mortal snake made of sand and bits of island.) Which side do they flag in? (None... it is not attacking yet, though it keeps flickering its tongue. Tasting the air.) Where are their vulnerabilities? (I suppose... the spot right below its head? Charon once beheaded a viper by striking there. It snuck in with a crate of liquor.)

Her red tessen fan snaps at her side, open and shut, open and shut, like a vicious mouth. If she throws it, she'd have to fetch it from where it lands, so her aim must be economical.

Truthfully, she doesn't much care for obtaining the Relic. Whatever would she do with it? The Hunt itself had intrigued her, so she'd come knocking at its door. (And Minya and August had gone. Without her.) Once the monster manifested and the stakes raised to graze the pillow-white clouds, her fate had been neatly sealed with a kiss. A Solterran princess never ran from battle. 

She runs into it. Straight into the snake's cavernous mouth. Will it strike her? There are others for it to choose from, and she is small. With six gold spikes in her hair. 

She seals her mouth and grits her teeth, fanning the sprays of blinding sand away before they reach her eyes. She cannot attack if she cannot get close.

And if she cannot attack—then she needn't have bothered at all.

@Erasmus | I love him !

Aghavni chooses option 1

and when it ends, what will we become?

the white scarab


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the darkest of challenges

And in the space between heartbeats the battle is begun--

The snake lunges for the horses the moment they all lunge for it. With sand, and frond-scale, and wood-rib, the beast thrashes out against the idea that it must be a thing conquered. If anything is it determined to conquer each wild-heart that dared to step on the island like a thing hungry and rabid for power. It roars and it sounds nothing like a snake; it's all bear (and dragon, and thunderbird, and lion). Frills rise out from the slick sand sides in a crown of violence.

The wind picks up in a death-knell and somewhere out to sea bells are starting to toll. The sound of sword against soot rings out where the waves crash against the distant shore. Wasn't the shore further away that that? Suddenly the island seems like a small, shrinking thing being devoured by the sea.

Path One

The horses aiming for the snake eyes, and tongue, and leaf-throat, are the first to feel the wrath of the raging protector. Swords sink into its sand skin and just keep sinking down, down, down and never find bone or end. Rather it's only blackness that the horses will find themselves cutting out from the sand-snake-- a void of cold space air and nothing else. And when they step close enough, when they look into the belly of the beast--

The will find themselves devoured by the blackness. It will chew them all up and spit them out sweaty from the battle but unharmed. And if they look around them it will be the bridge to the island stretching out around them in either direction. That is unless they found a way to claw free of that black void by tooth and hoof.....

Path Two

The middle of the snake, while appealing without tail or tooth, does not seem anything like the belly of a snake the closer they get. Perhaps there are still scales that shine slick and sea-green to meet them. Perhaps there are even bones of tooth that will rise through the sand skin like a hundred swords rising to meet the horses rushing towards it. But when the horses step close enough to attack the snake opens up like a doorway.

Roots curl themselves into archways, and leaves twine about them. Red berries start to bloom at the center of leaf clusters and a pulse makes them grow, and swell, and bloat. Drops of red berry-juice start to fall like rain, sweet on the tongue but bitter on the teeth. But if the horses walk through the dark red rain, there the relic will wait, golden and dripping red. But around it there is a pool of black glass in a wide moat of darkness. At some angles the moat looks hard, smooth, and thick enough to hold the weight of a horse. At other angles it seems to ripple like another beast is lurking beneath the thin, brittle surface of black. Is it safe enough to cross?

Or is it better to turn back and find another way?

Path Three

Those horses trying to run around the snake will find no golden relic waiting for them to grab. Instead a second beast has risen from the sand like a small-god. It's a bear made of sand with chrysalis hanging from empty sockets in its head. The beast circles the relic like a vulture circling a meal to come. And when the horses pause before it (because surely they are not brave enough to face its gaping mouth dripping venom and brine), the beast lowers its strange, horrific head and becomes a tornado of sand and butterflies. A colony of insects spring forth like terrible children from the chrysalis hanging form the pits of the bear's face. They land on the horses, like a small blanket of nettles and briars (young enough to feel but not to cut).

Each horses who finds themselves coated in butterflies with stinging wings will blink, just once, and find themselves back on the bridge with the others. Perhaps they might wonder if they were judged and found wanting, or if they were saved.

Of course some of them might have been quick enough to run through that sand and butterfly tornado.....

Your character has a choice.

This post is the second in the battle for the relic. The snake no longer seems like just a snake. Those that attacked the beast head on and tried to run around it will find themselves, through some strange experience, back on the bridge leading to the mainland. Of course if they had a unused magical item, they might have found a way to avoid being sent away--

Those the attacked the center of the snake will find an archway when the snake splits open. Berries are blooming and growing, and they start to drip red juice like rain.  At the end of the archway the relic is waiting, but it appears like a glass-black moat is circling it. Are they brave enough to cross?

Each round is decision-based. We will give you a set of options for your character to choose from ICly; at the end of the round, a dice roll will be made to determine which options proceed. Even numbers proceed; odd numbers do not. If your character proceeds you may continue to reply; if your character does not proceed, you may not reply to any of the next rounds. 

If your character has an unused mollusk shell, golden leaf, horseshoe, or iridescent feather from a previous round, you may use that to automatically proceed once even if your character rolled otherwise. To use this reward, wait until the dice are rolled: if your character does not proceed but you would like to, reply to the next round and add at the bottom of the post which reward you are redeeming.

For this round:
Your character may choose from the following options, although you may each write them out differently the core choice must be one of the options below.

Option One: Cross the black moat and hope that it's strong enough to bear weight

Option Two: Turn away from the archway and circle around where the bear is waiting

Option Three: Do nothing and wait to see if the moat will bear the weight of other's before trying to cross.

Please clearly mark your character's decision at the bottom of your post.
Example: @Isra has chosen option two.

Each reply to this thread gives you +1 post in an SWP.

All replies after September 22nd, 2019 will not be considered for a progression roll. 

To tag this account: @*'Random Events' without the asterisk.
Please be advised, tagging the Random Event account does not guarantee a response!


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once upon a dream

I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream // I know you, that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam // And I know it's true that visions are seldom all they seem // But if I know you, I know what you'll do // You'll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream

It's chaos around them as the snake rages on and roars like an otherworldly monster. It seems the island is responsive as the wind howls and the waves crash. There is the yelling of the horses around Lucinda as they attack- some go for the head, others follow her choice of going for its side. Many run and try to avoid the fight and she simply smirks at their fear.

It's soon apparent that she has made the right choice. When the snake strikes, many horses suddenly disappear and those who ran now face a second beast. For those that went for this side, a doorway appears in front of them as the tree roots transform from the beast's body into an archway. There are red berries similar to those that had been on the island before that pulse and swell until they burst. The juice from within them drips and turns to rain. It's a welcoming yet menacing entryway at the same time, but she was never one to be easily frightened.

The Friesian mare does not hesitate and walks through the doorway, eyeing the relic in front of her once again. This time, it's covered in the red rain and shimmering gold. It's not as accessible of course and there is a moat surrounding it. The water is a black abyss and tricky in appearance. She notices at one angle it seems smooth and solid like ice, but then another spot looks like rippling water. Another beast was likely lurking beneath and waiting to strike, if she's learned anything about the island thus far.

Lucinda hesitates this time, but more because her mind is calculating and weighing her options. The moat is a brilliant illusion and could easily be real water or ice. She wonders if she should risk it just for some rumored rock from a God, but there's only one way to find out what happens.

The woman decides to take the risk and takes a step out onto the moat. However, her eyes do not sit on the relic, but instead focus on what's beneath her feet. She wants to be prepared in case she falls or something reaches out to grab her.

Let them try.

(Lucinda chooses option one)


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