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Interactive Quest  - dappled and full of dreams

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a forest is full of more than just roots

The sun shines down on Novus during yet another bright, hot summer day. It has not set in what seems like ages, but one might find some relief within the thick woods of Viride Forest. Little light filters through the treetops so it is mostly dark and much cooler. That is, if one dared to travel within as it was easy to become lost.

For one mother boar, it's simply another day. She is not too phased by the strange behavior of the sun since she is so sheltered by it. All she is focused on is taking care of her piglets by keeping them safe and well fed. They go out to forage when it's clear. Sometimes they linger in the forest to pick some flowers to decorate the den with before coming back to nap in their cool, dark den. 

Right now it's nap time and the mother boar finally has gotten the piglets to relax. She had forgotten how restless she had felt at their age, but at last, all is calm. Her nose brushes soft whispers of dreams over her children’s fragile skin.

Then she hears a noise outside the den.

It sounds very close- too close for comfort. She looks back at her piglets who remain asleep before poking her head out to investigate. There is an equine by the river and regardless of their purpose here, they were too close to her babies. They would quickly learn not to be near a boar family. Her children are too precious to risk to nothing more than hope that the interloper is not foe. 

She walks out of the den and stomps her feet to get the horse's attention. The sunlight dapples her skin and if she knew how much larger it made her seem, she would have been glad for it.  Her tail flicks around rapidly out of irritation and she lets out a growl. Her eyes are wide and it's clear that she is extremely mad. 

When she charges him it’s at full force. She aims for the horse's legs to knock him down. Her tusks are small, but they could pack a punch with enough impact. Surely this will teach him.

@Ipomoea will quickly realize he's not alone in this part of the woods. All the commotion he hears will reveal a mother boar attempting to protect her den of piglets. He can choose to run away from the boar or stay and fight the creature off. Either way she’s coming in fast, he does not have long to ponder.

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This quest was written by the lovely @Layla.


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