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as runners, we'll know each other
Even though it wasn’t true, it almost seemed that as soon as they returned home from the streets of Denocte, the meeting was called. Ard didn’t want to go. He wanted to remain inside and away from prying eyes, wanted to keep Erd to himself and far from potential danger, away from the cruel hands of this ’Scarab.’ His brother, however, had other ideas.

’Let’s just go watch,’ Erd said softly, crooning gently to assuage his fears, ’It could be important, Ard, and so much has happened. We’ll go, watch, and come back home. I promise.’

Erd promised, and the knowing, heartfelt look in his turquoise gaze as their eyes met melted the ice around Ard’s heart. He relented. In the end he didn’t have the heart to deny his brother anything, not when he had almost lost him.

Donning their black cloaks, the twins departed their quarters and took to the streets. They chose to remain upon the ground rather than fly, picking their path carefully, petite bodies moving almost silently through the streets surrounding the citadel with lithe grace. Every few paces the twins would take turns purposefully pressing against the other; a bump of a shoulder, the caress of a wing, a nuzzle to the other’s jaw. It was a silent communication, a reassurance;

’I’m here.’

Ard didn’t know if it was more for his sake, or Erd’s. Quite honestly he didn’t care.

As all meetings went, they knew when they arrived. The two petite warlocks shifted around the back of the gathered crowd, ears forward, listening, doing their best to peek over and around the throng of moving bodies to try and get a glimpse of what was going on. A voice cut out, and Ard immediately recognized it as Marisol. He grimaced, recalling the last time he had spoken with the Halcyon Commander.

While he still truly believed that Marisol lacked the ability to understand how he felt in that situation, he knew that her worry for his brother had been genuine. He had simply been too far lost in his terror and rage to see it then. Hopefully she would forgive him.



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And stand as brothers, we
Standing beside his brother along the edges of the meeting, Erd watched with growing anxiety as Marisol addressed them. The news that she broke was not good. He wondered, a quick little thought that darted through his mind, if any meetings were ever good. He sure as hell couldn’t remember. A thoughtful frown stole across the warlock’s face, his turquoise eyes darkening with unease and apprehension as he shifted, hooves scraping against the ground as he moved to press up against Ard’s side.

Asterion had gone missing upon the Island, along with Florentine and Lysander. They were presumed dead. Already a vigil seemed to be in the works to remember them by, generously voiced by Fiona. Erd’s frown only deepened. They were missing, right? Not dead? What if they just needed someone to come looking for them, like Ard had come looking for him? Marisol went on, telling them all that she had taken up the mantle as the Sovereign of Terrastella. That soothed the boone within his chest, the cold hand that gripped his heart in uneasiness. If Marisol could tend to the Dusk Court like she tended to the Halcyon, then they’d be alright.


Other words were shared, voices intermingling in screeching shouts and calm discussion. Some members of the Court didn’t seem to have the stomach to complete the meeting, and instead departed as soon as Marisol said her piece. Erd watched them go with a worried frown. Did they not believe in Marisol’s ability to lead? Were they upset over Asterion and the others going missing?

He didn’t know, and unfortunately it wasn’t in his place to find out. Instead, the silver warlock watched and waited beside his brother, and when the meeting seemed somewhat concluded and Marisol herself advanced, stepping through the crowds, Erd pulled on his brother’s black cloak to steal his attention.

“Come on.” Turning, the twins went after the newly announced Sovereign, but not because of her title. They had no desire to talk about that, not when there was something so much more important that needed to be discussed; their family.



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There are many things she knows she has missed, and perhaps there are answers buried in the island. Or maybe the island will simply hoard its secrets and not ever let them out, and leave her to her spinning head and her missing pieces.

Regardless, Araxes finds herself carefully picking her way through the court of dusk, the path familiar in that old way that feels like muscle memory to her. When was the last time she was here? It feels like so long ago, a time that makes her heart ache, and her body feel like it isn't her own again. That's an issue that's a constant too, with how she feels. Every time she passes something that reveals her reflection, she can't even look at it. It isn't her, even if it is her voice, her name, her very same look in the depths of those mint eyes. This isn't her body, merely a cruel twist of deities.

Araxes takes a breath, swallowing down before her steps stutter as she hears voices, and her hooves skitter against loose bits of stone. It's lost under the sound of their talking, and her head dips a moment, her breath holding. To these faces, she is only someone new, but to her... there are some old familiar looks, and some names that echo.

Asterion. Death. The words rock her, and her head turns toward the one walking into the crowd that's dispersing, and she finds herself shifting, turning. She feels like she's floating, and her mouth opens before she can stop herself. "Marisol --" Her voice, as gentle as ever, seems so strange coming from someone that isn't the black and white spotted mare with wings behind her ears. "...what has ... what has happened?" They had met before, though she isn't sure if she's recognized now. If not, that is fine by her terms. She's going to have to get used to being lost in the crowd.

lksjdflksj she's like 'what did i just walk into'

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