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Private  - So we meet again

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"Just give me the world and I will give it back to you
Just tell me it hurts and I will fix it for you"
The familiar edge to the magic around her soothed the unfamiliar manifestation, and it was quickly pulling Cally back into it's eager embrace, wrapping her up in the energy lines as if to offer her shelter as she regained strength after breaking through the barrier preventing her from accessing it. All around her she could sense the trees and foliage eagerly watching her, a few braver blades of grass seeming to wrap lovingly around her limbs in welcome whenever the wind blew them in the right direction. All around her it was a welcoming home coming, from the earth to the druid reborn. This wasn't some mere form of magic, no to Cally - this was coming home it might not be on her home world, her home reality, but it was home with the earth singing to her, and the plants chittering in the background of her mind, the song nature sung soothed the exhaustion.

A cool brush had Cally turning her attention back to her companion, drawing Cally out of the earth's eager embrace, even as the energy reaches up in a desperate plea for her attention once more, growing more visible in the aura clinging to her pelt. She smiles slightly at the mare's words, before her gaze turned back in the direction the wolf is now, and her eyes close as the energy guides her to the now familiar hum of that wolf's energy, feeling instead of seeing it reunion with it's pack as they eagerly welcome their formerly sick family member in. Her eyes open and the last of those jitters leave her in peace, even as she sends a gentle thank you to the energies for guiding her and aiding her in it's help. She knew all to well the give and take the earth held.

It was a beautiful magic, but when the war raged, and when the energies turned violent, no druid could control it, only harness it and center the power elsewhere. When the earth had rumbled, you may be lucky to direct that vibration and earth splitting into a non or less populated area. When it grew hot and angry it would be through the intense heated battle of wills to encourage the liquid hate to pool elsewhere and not towards a village or herd. The earth was a beautiful thing, but like Cally herself, there was potential for stress, and it's own violence, and Cally knew that it wasn't about controlling the earth - you would never control those energies, merely redirection and soothing as much you could, to save as many lives as possible in those situations.

The energies seemed to bubble around her in laughter, as if she thought a funny story at the thought of her ever managing those redirections at this level - no, it would take a lot more practice first. Right now, it was baby steps, and above all keeping her energy from being overtaken by the earth's when pulling on her magic for her own use. There was always a dark side to the coin, and in these early stages of harnessing such a power . . . Cally knew that when the earth consumed a soul, what remained was an energy-less husk only content with acting out the earth's will, be it love or revenge. A puppet to the earth's energies. Rest was a good idea now. The energy continued to stroke at her pelt, like an animal that clung to her with an eagerness to please and placate, a manifestation on the visible level that was quickly attaching itself like a burr to her hide. Just as she had given her energy to the earth, it had returned the favor with keeping some of it's energy like a mark upon her skin.

Cally looks up as a nearby, large energy that hummed like the ocean current took to the skies, and her eyes tracked the flight of the dragon as her breathing evened and her eyes turned less and less wild, and exhausted from the release of magic until at last she stood, turning to smile with a warmness towards Isra that echoed with a whole-ness with in the druid that had been missing even hours previously, "Rumors of thunderbirds certainly do sound interesting, perhaps we should begin with interrogating the sources - find out what they know, so that we can limit the search range for where it's expected to be flying?" She offers, even as she climbs to her hooves, the energy slowly dispelling until it's a thin veil of sparkling green against her hide. She turns for Isra to lead the way to their next adventure, her magic humming in her soul, and her smile still in place. She feels whole again, and with that feeling came the knowledge that she could take on anything thrown at her, and the earth would provide, be it an escape or a path.

She wasn't alone anymore - and with the hum of the energy dimming to a steady trickle for her to pull at when she needed it, she would never be alone again. For the first time in Novus, she finally felt at home.

I think we should be able to call this one closed. :)

Artwork ©LupinHallow

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