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The mountain pass has always been a bit dangerous. The small, winding trail moving through the mountains was littered with obstacles like rocks, debris, and sharp drop offs. The trail was hard to navigate for non-native Night Court Citizens, but for Katniss, she could navigate this road with her eyes closed if she wanted to.

The summer sun was at its peak, the temperature hot and humid. Rays beat down on the back of the champion, but Katniss felt no heat. Even as she navigated the path on her routine patrols, her mind was anywhere but on the task at hand. Kibou was safe down in the court, where he should always be. The child had brought so much pain and joy that some days, Katniss was unsure what to feel. She still felt numb on occasion, especially when the moon was full. Losing someone you love is hard, but to raise a son who only wanted to know his father was even harder.

With a sigh, Katniss began to move down the path much quicker, the downward slope helping to increase her momentum. In no time, she was flying down the path, leaping over obstacles likes boulders and logs. She could feel the wind in her face, whipping through her mane. It made her feel someone other than simply being numb. She felt…fear and exhilaration.

However, as she rounded the corner, she tried to slow her speed, her hooves digging into the ground and churning up small rocks and roots. She did not look graceful at all, but it was effective. And as she slowed to a halt, she found herself on a ledge, overlooking the mountain range that divided Denocte from the rest of Novus. And with a heavy sigh, she breathed in the hot air, trying her best to push away the thoughts of wanting to throw herself over this ledge so she could be with her lover forever. She had a son to care for, a court who needed her. But it was hard, so very hard.

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From afar, the mountain is jagged and imposing. Almost eerie in the way its edges look like teeth. Close up, it’s still jagged and imposing. It’s all slippery slopes and large boulders that move with the seasons. The myriad trails are neatly maintained but only span a fraction of the mountain. Most of it is uncharted, covered in old growth forest or, towards the tip of the mountain, snow. There are hundreds of caves, some of them small little bear dens, others part of a vast, sprawling subterranean network. There is challenge here, and mystery, and these are the things that sing sweetest to Eik, when love is not in his ear.

He doesn’t intend on sticking to the path for very long. Before he can break off to explore a new part of the mountain, he sees Katniss. His champion of battle. His superior, one of many now. It doesn’t bother him anymore to have superiors, at least not greatly, but it does chafe to serve strangers. One by one he met the varied women in Denoctian positions of power, and one by one he began to know, if not trust, them.

But he doesn’t approach Katniss yet. She’s looking over the edge of the mountain, sides heaving and sweaty, breath hot steam rising in the thin air. She’s looking. He knows that look.

He’s looked over that edge. Not that same exact edge, here on the Arma mountains, but. That edge. The one you could fall from– the one you could step from, so simple, so easy. That edge with the drop far enough to be Certain. Not far enough that you would have enough time to change your mind on the way down.

And Eik doesn’t know what to say, but he thinks it would be unwise to walk away now, seeing what he’s seen. He clears his throat as he steps closer. “Enjoying the view?” If there is a wry note to his voice, it is a fine subtlety. Eik was never particularly talented with sarcasm, or humor in general. (He was probably the least well-equipped emissary in the history of Novus, but that is something to ponder another day)

I’m Eik,” he says, even though she might (probably) already know him. “A soldier.” He tips his head, a subtle gesture of respect between soldiers. “At your service, Champion.

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