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by sword
by salt

The light in the topmost window of the citadel blazes on, dies out, rages to life again. It is a signal, unmistakable.

And more importantly than that, the flicker is unmissable against the dimming, broody violet of the darkening sky. All of the city feels its rapid change. Day-night-day. Warm lantern light pours down the towers and into the streets like so much liquid gold; now, even in the oncoming night, Terrastella looks like treasure.

For once Marisol’s heart is full. She stands, calm and still, in the center of the city’s biggest square and watches with eyes bright and moonstone. Her dark feathers and skin are unpainted, and for once she’s left her spear behind. Tonight is not a night for war. (Though is it ever?) Tonight the world is calm and warm, and Marisol is ready—excited—to bring her people back together as day turns to night and summer to fall.

The Sovereign clears her throat and raises her head, and her voice is clear in the still air. Like singing. Like promising. “My people,” she calls, “It is time, under Her eye, that we find a new Regime. Those of you brave, those of you wise, those of you who love your country, come forward in Her name.”

Post an IC reply and include an OOC section that includes the answers to these questions.

1. Which position (Regent, Emissary, Warden) is your character interested in and why?
2. What do you think is Dusk's biggest strength and biggest weakness (IC)? What plots do you think might come from that?
3. Which part of Terrastella's lore would you be the most interested in expanding or basing events on?
4. What does your character believe should be the primary focus of the new regime and why? How would that be implemented?
5. What's your available activity level?


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This is how we'll stand when
When they burn our houses down
This is what we'll be, oh, glory

The beacon flared in summons, and Israfel answered.

She arrived first, the vermilion fire of her eyes scanning the others as they slipped into the center of the square, a gathering of bodies of all shapes, colors, and designs. Denocte believed themselves to be the melting pot of Novus, but they had never seen the rag-tag, motley bunch that represented Terrastella. Her expression remained that steady fierce neutrality, that perfected mask of a slightly downturned frown and narrowed, burning eyes, ears forward and alert and shoulders rolled back, standing tall and proud as she arrived at the meeting.

Solaris’ burning body spiraled down from the evening sky with a piercing shriek, a falling star of flames cutting through the approaching darkness. The Phoenix’s flames doused as soon as she reached her chosen child, her massive wings spread out to slow her descent before latching onto Israfel’s croup with a gentleness that belied her sharp, piercing talons.

’Show them what you’re made of.’ She hardly resisted the urge to smirk.

The Warden moved with a blatant confidence, a determined sashay with Solaris’ bulk upon her croup as she crossed the stone square to come to stand beside Marisol, effectively putting herself at the Sovereign’s right hand side. Shoving herself in a position that the Sun-Daughter quite honestly already considered hers. Vermilion eyes searched the faces laid out before them, brows raised and expression nonplussed, before she turned her head and focused that same burning, intense, prying stare upon Marisol.

“... We’ve discussed this briefly, and I’ve come to a decision. Before, you came to me and asked me to help you build your council. You asked who I thought might be worthy of the titles of Regent and Emissary.” A slender, pale shoulder rolled back in an aloof shrug, the beginnings of a smirk crossing the woman’s rose-kissed lips. “You know I’m not one for pretty, flowery words of bullshit but I guess for you, I’ll make an exception.”

“... I’ve seen Kings and Queens come and go,” Israfel began, far more eloquently than she had wanted or planned to start this little spiel, turning her piercing stare out onto the gathered faces, “Out of everyone gathered here and everyone who had once stood upon these stones, I’ve outstood them all. Despite everything I’ve remained loyal to Terrastella from the start. I’ve served, fought, and bled for this soil. I’ve seen lands crumble and burn, worlds destroyed, I’ve touched and tasted Death and returned to serve Terrastella, to serve you. In the wake of rains and floods and creepy magical islands I’ve remained, keeping our soil safe and our home fires burning.”

But never did she do it for Vespera. She would never be the patron Goddess to Israfel, the one born of fire and embers and spite, the daughter of a God long dead with just as much virulent, dangerous candor as his beloved daughter. No. Israfel would carry on her father’s legacy, just as Charlie would, and Charlie’s future children. Vespera had no place in that, but luckily, Marisol already knew her opinion on their so-called ‘goddess’.

Once more Israfel’s gaze turned and focused upon Marisol, her stare piercing, probing, and searching. “I’ll be the best damn Regent you could have hoped for, Marisol. I’ll be your right-hand woman and serve Terrastella first, as so should you.” The tension within the Sun-Daughter’s body lessened, her posture loosening as she suddenly grinned. “I know I wanted to throttle that pretty little face of yours when we first met, but I guess you aren’t that bad.”


1. Which position (Regent, Emissary, Warden) is your character interested in and why?
Israfel is petitioning for the position of Regent. In her eyes she is one of the longest remaining members of Terrastella, intimately familiar with the land as a whole and experienced in keeping it safe-guarded and protected. Just as well, she’s well versed in seeing it grow stagnant, its positions and ranks empty and barren. While content with her position as Warden for the last number of years, a fire has grown within her to step up, to protect Terrastella in a way that she couldn’t as a Warden, to fight for this land that she has served for so long and the land that she started her family in. Perhaps it was the disappearance of Asterion and Florentine, two people who she truly considered friends and her inability to help them that ignited this flame. Maybe she’s just being an arrogant asshole, but she’ll never tell.

2. What do you think is Dusk's biggest strength and biggest weakness (IC)? What plots do you think might come from that?
Strengths - Definitely both the Hospital and the Halcyon. While a somewhat ‘small’ group, the Halcyon has really seemed to have blown up in popularity over the last year? Few seasons? Something like that. It makes up more than the general populace of soldiers within Terrastella as a whole, and I still find it terribly ironic and somewhat funny that the Court dedicated to healing and helping also has one of the strongest military factions on-site. I think that balance between fighting and healing, the Halcyon and the Hospital, is a great asset when used together, which also works into one of my opinions on weaknesses. Just as well, I think another strength of Dusk is the overwhelming sense of acceptance that has been adopted by everyone? With all types running around (flying, land-bound, Kelpies galore), I think we have a lot of strengths at our disposal that we haven’t looked into before!

Weaknesses - The lack of use of the Hospital. I know it’s been casually mentioned in a few threads, but I’d really like to push more for the importance of the hospital. It could be more than just a place for people (i.e. Theodosia) go to be patched up every now and again. Another weakness with Dusk I think is just the lack of keeping a steady Regime/Council. It’s been a struggle since Rannveig to keep ranks filled. I’d love to push and keep up Griffin’s idea of an ‘activity bonus’ to keep ranks filled and members busy!

3. Which part of Terrastella's lore would you be the most interested in expanding or basing events on?
Originally I wanted to say the Halcyon, but like I said in my previous answer the Halcyon has really blown up over the last couple of months! I would really love to see more push/hype/information on the Ilati, honestly. It was a big thing when the lore first dropped, but since then we’ve seen less and less Ilati. I think there’s one or two members now? I’d love to toss up some lore and adoptables about the Ilati and create more shamanistic, witchy individuals lurking within Terrastella’s darker corners.

4. What does your character believe should be the primary focus of the new regime and why? How would that be implemented?
Israfel believes in progress and change. When she was younger, she was haughty, arrogant, selfish, and she believed everyone to be a lower standing than herself due to her godly bloodline and gifted heritage. Since being burned alive in a sacrifice by her own father, who she idolized and worshipped, and then being brought back to life her outlook has completely changed. The world needs to adapt in order to survive. If something doesn’t work, it needs to be changed. As such the stagnant, empty Regime needs to be mended and while Terrastella is working, it also needs change in order to thrive.

Israfel would implement seasonal ‘mini-events’ as a way of boosting morale and maintaining activity. Working with the Regime (Sovereign and Emissary), she would come up with ways to ensure that everyone is completing goals within their selected fields. (Example: Warriors would train/meet spar requirements in return for Signos, Artisans would craft/trade things to meet their requirement in turn for Signos, etc.)

5. What's your available activity level?
Now that I’m back in action, I’d like to say very! I can’t promise that I’ll be around every single day and make a post every day, as life likes to swallow EVERYONE now and again, but I’m confident in saying that life has calmed down enough now and Israfel and I are ready to step up and rock Terrastella’s world.

Please Tag Israfel in all Replies!


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Pure of Heart
“My people. It is time, under Her eye, that we find a new Regime. Those of you brave, those of you wise, those of you who love your country, come forward in Her name.” The call echoed through her very bones, summoning Uzuri as she entered the courts with Neema at her side. Her richly colored and marked coat gleamed in health and good care, not that she was prone to vanity in the slightest. The young maned wolf beside her was also gaining a bit of mass, filling out and looking like the picture of a healthy creature. There was an almost motherly pride in Uzi's eyes as she glanced at her companion.

"What am I thinking? I am not the one that should be stepping up for anything!" Uzuri exclaimed, sliding to a stop and staring down at Neema. "Vespera would never choose me. I am just a simple warrior!" Fear was making her balk. Fear of being rejected, of being told that she didnt belong in the courts. She had been born an outsider, only being a member of the courts for a short time.

"Uzuri! Calm down! You are a strong and loyal soldier, dedicated to the goddess. You have every right to put yourself forward as a member of the regime and prove to yourself and everyone else that you are capable and worth the responsibilities. Now put your hooves to the stone and get your rear in there!" The orange hued canid ordered, vivid green eyes ablaze with pride and emotions. Uzi took a deep breath and swallowed down her fear. It wouldnt do to broadcast that terror when trying to be responsible and a part of the regime.

Approaching the sovereign, Uzuri dipped into a respectful bow. "Vespera bless you, Marisol." She murmured in greeting, her voice just loud enough to hear while carefully clear of her panic. "I am Uzuri, one of the soldiers for the court. I would like to extend my desire to help the realm to grow and flourish. Dusk took me in when my mother died, keeping me alive and giving me a purpose. It is my turn to help the realm and do my best." She continued, standing and gazing at the leader with warm brown eyes.

"I may not have been born here, but I have dedicated my life to Dusk and our goddess. Even if you do not feel that I am fit for higher responsibility, I would like the chance to try to help the realm however you see fit." Uzi finished with a hopeful smile up at Marisol. Anxiety was making it hard to think more eloquently, so she closed her mouth and dipped her head in respect.


1. Which position (Regent, Emissary, Warden) is your character interested in and why?
- Warden - Uzi wants to make a difference in her court and she feels that being warden is better than being a common soldier. She welcomes the responsibility and the sense of belonging that she feels will come with the role

2. What do you think is Dusk's biggest strength and biggest weakness (IC)? What plots do you think might come from that?
- Being still fairly new, I think that the Halycon is one of Dusk's biggest strengths. They seem to be a strong warrior group that is ready and able to defend the court.
- I think the biggest weakness is the lack of activity regarding the hospital. There are only 6 threads in the hospital, with only one this year. I have had more mention in character about the library and night markets with no mention at all that Novus even has a hospital.
- I think that plots regarding the training of warriors and increasing the activity, as well as perhaps events where horses help gather things for the hospital, would be one way to encourage more activity on both sides.

3. Which part of Terrastella's lore would you be the most interested in expanding or basing events on?
- I would love to see more of the Ilati Shamans and Sceal Kelpies. Both seem fascinating and could be such interesting additions to the character landscape of Terrastella. I would also love to see someone create something similar to the Scarab... A place where certain types of business can be found for a price and that could expand the likelihood of outside courts coming to take part in the goings on in the court.

4. What does your character believe should be the primary focus of the new regime and why? How would that be implemented?
- Uzi wants to see the ranks utilized more. She wants to see each ranking doing what is needed to grow each individual. Regular training sessions for the soldiers, perhaps some sort of class for the scholars... conferences for the medics to share knowledge and grow... Her opinion is that the members of Terastella chose their rankings and should be actively using them rather than just bopping around without progressing in their knowledge and strengths. (Nothing toward anyone, just opinionated Uzi lol)

5. What's your available activity level?
- For a while... it was pretty low. I went through a rough patch with rl chaos and stepped away from the computer a bit. But I am now fully back and full of muse. I am currently working on catching up all my characters and staying on top of responses <3 I would say my activity going forward should be pretty high.


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