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It was a miracle her body hadn’t deteriorated while she had slept, or perhaps it was simply whatever magical stasis she had been placed in, but she found as she prowled towards the training grounds that she seemed to be experiencing no physical side-effects from having been asleep for what seemed to be almost sixty years. She would have to put that to the test herself, of course, and she fully planned to as her hooves found themselves crossing the dirt floor towards where the weapons were stored.

A training sword is her weapon of choice, hefted by the hilt with an ease that spoke to long years of practice, to muscle memory that was practically embedded into her core. Vespera, please guide me to where you need me, the routine of prayer was one that she settled into as she let the first swing loose, hearing the way it thunked into the training dummy. Show me why You woke me after so long, when You must have known I would find only grief.

She spins, ducking an imagined blow, and her hooves leave deep gouges in the dry-packed soil. You, who have blessed me with Cleo’s presence, but who has taken everyone else that I have loved -- do You truly believe me strong enough to withstand this?


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