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Family of Black: Katharas

There is a sound being carried in the wind from the mountains.
It's a scream.

Who are they?

The family of Black (Katharas) are an ancient family of unknown origins, who take residence in snow-kissed mountains and rarely venture down the slopes. They are infamously known for their desire of chaos and disorder, embodying and worshipping Rea, the goddess of hell itself.

Traits of the Katharas

·        The title ‘Family of Black’ originates from the black blood that filters through their veins. Inbreeding has been a habit of centuries but now as they spill into society, each filly and colt born possess the same damned blood, telling of a heritage no one dares speak. Very few escape the damned gene.

·        Ebony orbs without pupils have been purposely bred into the family, striving to strike fear in those who recognise the feature. Any born without the feature are deemed in-pure, and are abandoned or killed.

·        On a colt or fillies first birthday, they shall be scarred across the eye with the upside down cross, aligning them to Rea and the family. 

·        Typically, those of the family are monotone in shade with little to no markings. Purebreds resemble an Oldenburg horse with wings and most stand between 16hh to 17.2hh unless crossed with an outsider.

Rea and Worship

Goddess of Chaos and Disorder, hell herself.

The mutant birth of Love and Desire, Rae portrays an image of divinity in the most obscene sense. Pictured to be a swirl of black and white fibrous mist, writhing into a demonic beast with great paws and claws with the wings of an eagle and embodiment of an equine. Great fangs hang from her jaw, and a horn which splits like a chandelier spikes from between two forward curving ears. The mists that create her being his being hiss woefully behind her, creating a sense of doom wherever she walks.

A ritual takes place at the peak of the highest mountain just once a year in full moon, destined to please Rae herself. One of black blood must pose to be sacrificed alongside the sweetest, most innocent of beings in a great fire that not even the heavens can displace. A game named Eethra must be played, the chosen Katharas must deal cards between others and unless the dealer scores all 4 aces, their life shall not be spared. The game is unfair and normally, the ritual shall go through with both being sacrificed.

Those chosen who are lucky enough to win Eethra (though there has not been one in over a century) are deemed sons and daughters of Rae herself and are regarded as higher members of the Family of Black, who deserve the upmost respect.

The Story of a Thousands Lives: The Descendent 

The Family of Black are not native to Novus. Instead, they live far North of the country high up in treacherous mountains, making use of intricate cave systems.

Around 350 years ago, a terrible storm approached. It tore through deserts, swallowed the seas and destroyed entire mountains. Entire sub-lands were torn apart, and it caused furious avalanches, flattening the homes of many. Entire tunnels feel through that were once so sturdy. Thousand of lives were lost over the course of three days, reducing a population of over 1250 to roughly 200, highlighting how vast this mountain range was.

New couples make the choice to venture out of land due to this, as well as the curiosity to know what was beyond the snow. 

Summarising the descendent of the Katharas. Though many have remained true to heart, the few (now stripped of any titles and deemed in-pure) that travelled down began to mix their genes with those out of the family. Very few escape the gene of black blood.


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