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Private  - [FALL] you're beautiful and sick like me

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is it sick of me
to watch the wicked way you thrill?

She remembers the way the woman spoke to her in her beautiful poetic nonsense. There was something in the way she was shrouded in mystery, playful, and wanting to be close to the fire. The way her gold chains hung down and clinked together with every muscle movement. There was the smell of wood smoke and spices for that short moment, but Morrighan still smells it faintly in the air. She remembers her cheeks getting warm when she realizes she stared at the woman a little too long. Then the closeness of their bodies in that small amount of time. It's confused her ever since and she still does not know what to make of it.

"Someday I'll enlighten you. If you promise to come see me dance," she had said with a smile. Morrighan hasn't forgotten this even with the change of seasons. That is why she finds herself wandering down the market streets to where the dancers perform. At first, she hesitates and feels stupid. Never before did she care about the dancing because it seemed silly and pointless. She'd rather burn things down for entertainment than watching other equines move around.

But - she is nothing if not loyal.

Part of her feels nervous since it's been so long that her and Al'Zahra had first met. It was a brief meeting and, so far, she hasn't seen the mare around Denocte since. Perhaps she learned the ways of stealth from the wolves. Still, she very well could be here tonight up there with the dancers. But, did the other woman care that much? Or did she just say what she did because she could?

Bram falls into step with the mare. He has felt a bit protective of Morr since the altercation at Raum's memorial. She hasn't said much to him since leaving there, but he can tell she appreciates him being there just through their bond (at least, for now). She will never admit this to him and it makes him smile. He can tell she's nervous too, but he knows better than to point this out. The timber wolf is not in the mood to have his fur singed today.

When the Warden finally makes her way through the crowd and to the dancers, her eyes scan through them. They are all lined up and adorned in fancy clothing and accessories. One stands out from the rest and she holds her breath. The long gold chains are recognizable- it's her.

She isn't sure if Al'Zahra's seen her yet, but she takes a spot to watch. It's awkward, but she's content fulfilling her promise. Hopefully the other woman will fulfill her end of it. How funny it'll look to see the elusive wolf sitting right next to Morrighan after all the fuss. He is partially in shadow, but his bright yellow eyes surely won't be missed.


@Al'Zahra oop what have you done to the grump

now the dark begins to rise
save your breath, it's far from over


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