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that gleam in your eyes
is so familiar a gleam
Deeper and deeper they go. Anandi tightens her grip in retaliation of Lu's laughter, but it does not phase her. If this is how she has to die, so be it. At least she would not show fear. Death does not scare her like most. The kelpie has failed if this was her sole intention.

The light is quickly disappearing the further they go into the depths of the sea. As Anandi's body constricts around Lu's, she begins to lose consciousness. Her vision is too blurry to make out anything and her senses are becoming dull. Perhaps this is it. Despite Abraxia's attack, maybe it wouldn't be enough and this was to be her end.

When Anandi lets go, Lu continues to sink down. The world goes dark as she passes out, but Abraxia doesn't give up. The dragon lets the kelpie get away and only focuses on saving her companion.


The next morning, Lucinda awakens on the shore. All she can taste is sand, sea water and blood. Her senses seem stronger, although she has a raging headache. The light of the sun isn't very comfortable and she strains just to look around. She's completely disoriented.

Abraxia rushes to her side when the dragon realizes Lu is finally awake. She leans against the mare so Lu can use her companion's body to more easily stand up. Her legs are wobbly, but she manages.

After taking a few steps forward to head home, she can already feel the sea wanting her to come back. Her tongue rolls against her now sharp teeth and she knows.

Anandi didn't have the stomach to kill her. Instead, she made her one of them. And oh, would she regret her choice.

@Anandi lots of fun indeed <3 I can't wait to get these two together again >:D


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