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Day Court  - Shepard

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Pending Approval

Character Application

Player: Yena
Referred By: @nestle
Are all characters active? Not yet, new character
When was your last character approved? Not yet approved
Have you filled out the "OOC Account ID" Field? Yes

Name: Shepard
Age: 6
Birth season: Fall
Court: Day
Rank: Scholar

Health: 6
Attack: 14

Items: Just the necklace made of swirling water that was given to her by a god in her last home 
Restricted Item Redemption Post: n/a
Incentives: n/a
Other: A character I'm bringing from a different RPG. If her appearance is too out there or whatever, just holler! I can change it up. I have hopefully done this right xD I swear I'm not this dumb <3 



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Changes Needed

You're close, but not quite there! I've sent an explanation of the changes needed to you via a private message. Please check the inbox of your character's account, and respond to the message if you have any questions. Once all changes have been implemented, you can either respond to the private message directly or respond to this thread.




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Checking In!

Hey there! We see it's been a while since this app was last reviewed, so we've moved it to the Account Archival for now! If at any point you'd like to come back, you'll find everything just as you left it - all you need to do is private message an admin or mod and we'll walk through the process with you again!

Thank you!




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