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As the hours ticked by and the sun sank slowly down the horizon, Novus was painted in brilliant hues of reds and oranges. Some snows still lingered, cast in a ruddy colour like blood spilt across the white and the world was awash in beautiful colours.

Diaval himself was enjoying the sunset, dancing among the clouds where he always felt most free. A weight had been lifted off his shoulders and he felt far lighter than he had in many moons. Finding Lucinda again had returned that the happiness missing from his and at least he felt more complete. Nevertheless the events in the Moors and the months that followed had changed both of the twins and though he was not so weighed down by the burdens of his conscience, there was a tiny storm of thought swirling in his mind.

Swooping low he descends from the sky, the ground rising swiftly to meet him. And with an agility surprising for his build he alights upon the ground and casts his gaze about the field. Golden grass peaked cautiously through the patchy snow, hesitant with Spring so far away. Far off in the distance the towering might of the Venora Peak, dark against the blood-hued sky.

Give me wings so that I may try

@Pravda <3

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