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Night Court  - Naida

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Night Court Soldier
Female [She/Her/Hers] // 7 [Year 498 Winter] // 15.3 hh // Hth: 10 — Atk: 10 — Exp: 10 // Active Magic: N/A // Bonded: N/A

Character Application

Player: Keira
Referred By: no one
Characters: This is my first character!
Are all characters active? YES
When was your last character approved? This is my first character
Have you filled out the "OOC Account ID" Field? Yes

Name: Naida
Age: 6 years
Birth season: Winter
Court: NIGHT
Rank: Soldier

Health: 10
Attack: 10

Items: Minor Mutation - For her sharp teeth!
Restricted Item Redemption Post:
Incentives: --
Other: Nope!



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Your character has been approved! This thread has been moved to the Accepted Characters forum. If you make any significant updates to your character's profile, make sure to respond to this and let us know!

Welcome back! :D I must say.. her photomanip lends itself perfectly to where her history left off after shipwrecking on the shore. Maybe Naida can start her own pirate crew ... that would make a pretty awesome subgroup, hint hint ;D

@Isra is the Night Court Sovereign!




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