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- Ia -
Talk so pretty but your Heart got Teeth

They brush through the crowd like dancers; feather-light, fluid, weaving. Some of the equines chance a second look their way, mostly the ones who have never seen them before. Or the ones who have seen them a lot. They’re young but not unfamiliar with the court and its citizens, being one themselves since birth.

Ia press forward like a current, steps certain and movements easy. Olympia carries her head high, gilded eyes bright and clear in the early spring sunshine. The markets are busy, and the brush of bodies feels like a performance. Harmonia is humming something beneath her breath. She is almost always singing, or humming. It is the one thing she can enjoy doing without fear of being stared at.

When they had been younger, Olympia had been terribly jealous of it. Now, she has so many other attributes that it doesn’t bother her anymore.

They pause for a moment at a stand of apples, glancing over the options. There aren’t many, and they’ve no doubt been imported from some place other than Novus, but the girls are craving something crunchy and juicy. “G’morning, Ia,” greets the merchant, a gentlemanly fellow old enough to be their father. Looks kind of like him, too.

“Morning,” Ia lilt in response, Olympia too busy looking over the options to pay him much attention. Harmonia offers an apologetic smile to the man, waiting for her sister to make her decision. She lifts a nice, vibrant green apple into the air. Tart, just the way Olympia likes it. “Sister, you know that is not my taste,” Harmonia says gently.

It comes out more like a suggestion. Olympia turns back to the apples with a sharper gaze. It would be simpler for them to share a single apple, but her sister likes them sweeter. “We’ll be getting two, today,” she says finally, also pulling a plump red/yellow one from the displays and handing over a few coins to the merchant. He waves them off with a big smile and a hearty chuckle.

Definitely too much like their father.

They glide back into the flow of moving bodies, making their way out of the market. It’s almost time for Ia’s first performance of the day, and they like to get to the venue early to prepare.

That’s when they bump shoulders with someone, pushing almost roughly through the street. Olympia drops her apple and watches it bounce away, undoubtedly about to be crushed under someone’s hoof. “Excuse you,” she says sharply, the sisters turning toward the intruder upon their perfectly pleasant afternoon.

"Harmonia." | "Olympia."
| @Morrighan hope this works!


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It seems all Morrighan ever does anymore is sulk. She's gotten quite good at it, one could say, and as her emotions continue to fester, her fire seems more wild than ever. She can feel it wanting out so badly, one of these days it may just erupt and the entire Court will be in flames.

Maybe it'd be worth it.

She knows she shouldn't take it all out on Denocte when it's mainly select individuals causing her pain. Isra for leaving her and their people, and Al'Zahra for igniting a different kind of fire within her and otherwise making her feel things she can't make sense of. Maybe she never will, but it's all just lingering. She doesn't know how to handle it.

Apparently the Warden has become so deep in thought that she's not even paying attention to where she's going. Her steps have been on autopilot, but not doing a very good job as she bumps into another. The impact is a lot stronger than she expects and she is slightly knocked aside. "Excuse you," she hears the other woman snap. Flames shoot up from her feet as she turns to see who this person thinks they are.

When Morrighan looks over, she blinks a couple times. At first, she only sees the one head with the golden eyes and she's kind of pretty. This makes Morr feel slightly bad for bumping into her, but then the other head comes into view looking similar to the other and it's very confusing. She's probably been staring for way too long trying to process all of this. There's definitely two heads but only one body and it's not like anything she's ever seen before. All she can think now is 'what's wrong with them?'

Then she notices something rolling away and realizes it's an apple. Morr quickly grabs it and brings it back to the woman… thing and inspects the fruit. Her stomach has been gurgling and she has half a mind to take a bite out of spite.

"Might not be a good idea to bump into the Warden," she says with a brow raised as she twirls the apple in the air. Her eyes continue to rest on it before she ultimately decides not to steal this creature's food. For now though, she keeps it in her grasp. "Who are you? What are you?" Morrighan is clearly suspicious and doesn't care if she's offended them. If they knew what's good for them though, they'd explain themselves, especially since the fire at the Warden's hooves continue to burn.


@Ia oof she's so offensive, I'm sorry xD

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