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From the Sea, to the Fields, and to the Court - Terrastella, the name that encompassed the province - Indrani finally made her way to present herself to those who were monarchy here. It was different up here, but similar to whence she had come from. She was a princess by name more than right, as she was never to take the mantle but it was not a part of life she desired. Indrani, for all her shallow and quick to judge behaviours, was one who loved her sisters and her family and cared more for their happiness and continued wellbeing. She would sing for them, dance in the water, and she enjoyed crafting with them but she loved to sing for them the most, delighting in how much they enjoyed her.

They all did, and so Indrani had become the Siren of Minn and known for that voice. Would it sound the same here, above the waves? She’d sung lightly to herself, surprised by the difference but pleased it sounded clear, a clarity that could not be heard for the density of the water. Her voice would not be as strongly projected in the air, she thought.

She’d learn. Even walking was still strange, as she moved with delicate steps and a strange appearance that made it seem like she was both about to fall on to her face but balanced and well practised. It was strange, walking, but she was finding it easier the more she did it.

Anything faster was for now out of the question.

In the Court, though, Indrani stopped. Her head lifted and watched the life here. She was a stranger… but one who had come to see and give what she might, and have this life above the waves.

One she’d wanted for longer than she’d care to admit...


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Rhone spent many of his mornings, standing up on the cliffside, wondering what life would be like beneath the waves. He was a follower of the earth, his abilities far more suited to growing greenery on land than in the water. But although he grew seaweed to feed and house the fish, he had never actually seen what his abilities had done. He grew them blindly and would perhaps never truly see the beauty of his masterpieces.

But when he was not painting the world in many colors or wishing he could see beneath the waves if only for a moment, he was amongst the people of Terrastella. He had promised his sovereigns that he would protect this land and teach the people. He would protect traditions and welcome all those seeking aid. And so Rhone was always rounding, always asking those that lived here what he could do to help them. Many did not need his services or chose not ask for anything. Pride ran deep in some, but Rhone understood. He said nothing, only offered his help and services if they ever needed it.

Because of his intimate knowledge of those that lived here, Rhone was one of the first to notice the newcomer. She was someone he had never met before. She seemed a little out of place so naturally, it was someone that Rhone was immediately drawn to. He put a smile on his face as he picked up his pace. He urged his feet forward.

He felt into step easily with her, not too close to make her uncomfortable, but close enough that she would see him before he actually spoke. Eyes looked at hers and his smile grew, welcoming her and engulfing her in the warmth only a friend could give. "Welcome to Terrastella." His voice was soft and soothing, more to welcome her than to startle her. "My name is Rhone. Have you traveled far?" Introductions were always a necessity. She needed to know who he was and perhaps, his divulging of this information early would be comforting to her. The last thing he wanted was for her to feel anything less than welcomed.



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