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they were created in pairs.

one always to the other, never alone. forged of metal, they do not feel with their skin, only their hearts and minds. they are hollow, but seem solid - they do not engage in violence. 

they were forged
alcimenes and deliades,
bellerophon and chrysaor,
and peiren.

Alcimenes the first, with Deliades the second, but together they are the first pair.
Bellerophon third and Chrysaor fourth, they are the second pair.
Peiren fifth, and no one to follow. the forge fire died when he walked out.


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The Foundry is their "birthplace" so to speak. It is a forge in a place very far from anywhere, that no one has any reason to go to or go from. There are many forges in The Foundry; only one brought forth the five bronze steeds.
The Foundry did not even have an entrance or an exit. The two, then four, and finally five, bronzes simply walked in circles 'round the forges. At some point, the first two began to speak. About what, in a world where nothing changed and nothing began or ended? Who can say? The second pair was born, and that is certainly something about which the first two talked. Then Peiren climbed from the forge, and oh! How they talked about that. They still would, if they could - no one ever agreed on whether Peiren killed the forge or it simply died. Peiren, of course, would always be half of what he ought to be, for everyone told him that he was meant to have a twin, and without a twin, he must be less. He is, therefore, less.


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Every day Chrysaor waited.

Well- let us start over.

Chrysaor did not know the days from the nights. In fact - he did not even know of such a concept. He simply Was, like they all Were, until they Were Not (like the fires of their birth-forge.)

Every moment Chrysaor waited for something, anything to happen. The only things that happened were things that always happened - after Peiren's birth and the subsequent death of the birth-forge, nothing changed. Perhaps they wore away the stone beneath their hooves, or the forges grew hotter or colder or something else that they could not feel except in the softness of their metal, which they did not know could be any less soft until they went out into the Cold. (But this was not for a long time).

Chrysaor changed, when the others did not.
They were content, of course, not having any concept of when things were any different, except for Alcimenes, who could just barely remember - or claimed to remember - a time before Deliades, and the two of them who remembered a time before Bellerophon and Chrysaor, who in turn remembered a time before Peiren. Nothing came out of the other forges, and at some point they always came to argue over whether a forge could come to life again, and if anything would ever be born from it in the future. Perhaps Peiren had a twin who was simply waiting. Waiting for what? Waiting for whatever it is we are waiting for, which we will not know until It comes.

Every moment, many of which accumulated into what we knew to be days, years, decades, or even centuries, Chrysaor was changing. No one could say whether he had always been changing, or if he had been like them one moment and then not the next, but he had his own forge-fire in his belly, and one day, he pushed Bellerophon into a forge.

Bellerophon did not feel, and none of them knew that they should feel, so nobody did much of anything when Bellerophon writhed like a pillbug as his flank melted away into nothing. Chrysaor asked the others to help him mount Bellerophon on a pole, so that he would always look up at the forge ceiling while the rest of them walked. "We shall see if he forgets us in the not-seeing of us," he said.

They all talked and talked about these new things which occurred, and everyone thought about doing something different but really, it had been quite awful, and there was no way for any of them to make Bellerophon the way he was before. In their shame, they did not take him down from the pole, where he wriggled and kicked and watched the smoke rise up into the ceiling.

There came a time - a day, a moment - where they did not seem to know who it was mounted on the pole. Bellerophon had stopped moving long ago (however long ago it had been) and they surmised that this was, perhaps, the one who had come before them all. Chrysaor and Peiren were twins, because Alcimenes and Deliades were twins, so the thing staring up at the ceiling must have been another thing for which they were not responsible. Happily, they smothered their shame like the birth fire, as guilty Alcimenes had done long ago.


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