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Private  - fate whispers to the wolf; you cannot withstand the storm

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she was a storm: sudden; powerful; violent; devastating;
and utterly magnificent

Like a lantern in the darkness the moon beckoned her forth, from the fire-lit shadows of the Night Court to the indeterminable darkness of the shoreline bordering Novus. The waves crashed upon the sand, desperate white horses racing endlessly for a beach they’d never do more than touch. Far above, the wind howled like a hungry pack of wolves, thunder snarling amidst distant storm clouds as the humid air closed in.

As tempestuous as the ocean before her and the storm above her, Castalla’s thoughts chased round and round in her head, an ever constant circle that oft drove her mad. Untamed, unchecked, her hooves thudded a restrained, frustrated rhythm in the sand, dancing upon the ever changing line where the waves met the shoreline. With one thrust of her hind legs, the assassin’s pace increased. And then she was galloping madly along the shoreline, her head in the air and blonde hair flying behind her like a silken cloak. And the White Wolf ran from the thoughts in her head. Until the sound of her hooves splashing in the waves and her heart thudding in her ears drowned out the images.

Her breath puffed through her nares in snorts, her blue eyes alight with joy as she slowed her pace, enjoying the cool waters lapping her warm hooves. There were few things better than the ecstasy of a run, the power of her legs beneath her and her lungs within her. Still breathing hard, the Wolf wanders further into the waves, shivering as the cold liquid hits her hot skin.


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