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Helios stood out like a sore hoof among the citizens of Denocte. Not for his rich russet coat or sun-burnt eyes. Not even for the sun-engraved spear clasped to his shoulder. No, it was the collar, silver and plain as it surrounded his neck. An ever present reminder of what he was and what he’d been through and as a clear label that he belonged to the Day Court- if not now then at least at one point.

Though there was peace between the two courts these days, the scars of Zolin’s reign and more recent troubles ran deep. The fox furred stallion could feel the eyes burning into the back of his neck, watching, watching, watching, wherever he went. It did not matter that he had come in peace, to simply meet with an informant and former friend. In the eyes of everyone he was still a symbol of worldwide destruction and the cruelty of a child king.

While Solterra thrived in the day beneath the omnipotent gaze of Solis, the Night Court truly came alive when darkness fell and the shadows chased away every whisper of light. Flames danced their dwindling dance, a plea to the wax to keep them alive just a little longer. And all around him equines wandered- in groups, on their own, chatting, shopping, simply enjoying the moonlight. Like a beacon in the sky it glowered silver, as watchful as the sun. Yet Helios had always found it a cold light, a half-light that allowed the shadows of darkness to spread beneath its gaze. Nevertheless, at the edge of the city where the grassy fields beyond bordered the hoof-worn paths, Helios found himself looking to the sky and stars, wondering what was really up there. Some days he would let his wings emerge and take to the skies, see how high he could fly before the air turned thin and his head began to spin. Perhaps he would try it at night, see what truly watched from the darkened heavens.

Life taught me to die

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the infinite intimacy of her rage


She hadn't seen him in the streets of the Court. As she lingered in the shadowy, night-time shade of a tree outside of the city, overlooking the expanse of fields he stargazed, she had noticed him. A stallion forged of sunlight and fire; even under the moon's gaze she can see his colors that beg for another scene, another moment in the day.

It makes her curious, though she isn't apt to move herself just yet. Her eyes cast to this stranger unblinking, and her head cocks to the side in an inviting way. She had no reason to distrust him. She knows not the former days between the Courts; those filled with tension and ruin. To her, just now, this was someone stargazing just the same as she was. And perhaps it was a pastime not necessarily lost, but shared pleasantly with a companion.

She waits politely to see if he will find her from her voice among the shadows before continuing - it'd be a lie to say she didn't like the intimacy of night, and the coy way she felt hidden in her element.

"Tell me, stranger - do the stars speak to you, too? Or do you search for something up there?"



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