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Hello, hello.

My name is Lackadaisy - or Daisy for short. No, I'm not named after the webcomic hehe.

I tried to stay away but I'm trying to equine again. Novus is a great community - I was here briefly before twice but had to leave due to college. Right now I'm a heavy presence on another site, so I treat Novus as a side one. Hence me having one character for now and fewer threads. But that doesn't diminish my love of the site! I will have a character up and running once I break out the old Application Typing again. Not used to word counts on applications after three months of it absent haha. I consider myself a fast typing role player who will always get to your response within a week. I'm a bit shy on discord right now.

Once I have my charrie up and running, I'd love to thread with people. About me? I'm Canadian, just turned thirty years old yesterday, and have one dog and one cat. My dog is a sheltie, named Bree. My cat is a tabby, named Marnie. I'm going to college in January for Office Administration. I'm big into simulation, farming and RP games. It's nice to re-meet you all!


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