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were you to fall, i should fall too
She hums her swansong, soft as the wind, gentle as the rolling clouds. Juniper has been to Day. Oh yes, long, long ago. Before she met El Rey, before he held her in his arms and called her his little dove, before their souls brushed just as the night kissed the day good morning. Then, she'd fallen asleep and crashed into a pool of water, rising, glistening as any goddess-girl does, to see the eyes of a man full of questions and life. 

His vitality, his curiosity, it appealed to her and so she'd stayed for a time. However brief it had been, his spell over her wandering eyes did not last long, and Juniper left in the night, disappearing as a cloud of smoke... There is only the mystery of her left to that man now.

She is an enigma to so many. 

Now, in a cloud of dust she arrives again, settling hooves unto the ground, glancing left, right, and tucking her stormy cloak close. Loosely it wraps about her throat, carefully it is worn as a hood, hiding golden horns that are so similar to El rey's and yet so different. Made of gossamer dreams and fairy dust, Juniper slips among the crowds of Solterra as any dancer would. Smooth, sleek, strong. 

There and gone. 


At last, she comes to the ring. Comes and watches the fighters fight, watches her dark bull as his skin is torn and sweat sticks sweetly to his neck. Back in their home, back in the swamps, it clung to him differently. There, it is much more humid than in the deserts of Day. 

The little dove watches and waits, and when her bull is through with his fight, she turns to fight her own battle, surging through the crowds as well as any pickpocket, at last coming close to pull him near, draw her bull's cheek to her own, and urge him back into a shaded alcove where she could better see him away from the rumble of the people. They are people who demand his blood, his sweat, his death... 

Vespera teaches her to love, and oh, she does! She loves him so tightly, so dearly! 

So Juniper wonders... Is it Solis who teaches his children to hate?

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