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Poll: Which Mad Libs entry from this set is your favorite?
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Creepy Hippo
1 12.50%
Bald Skunk
2 25.00%
Dart Frog
2 25.00%
Beautiful Stoat
0 0%
Ripened Dragon
3 37.50%
Purple Goat
0 0%
Total 8 vote(s) 100%
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OOC  - Novus Mad Libs - Voting Round 1 (Entries 6-11)

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Novus Mad Libs Voting - Round 1

It's here! The results of the Novus Mad Libs contest! Thank you all for your wacky entries and I hope you enjoy reading them.

First round of voting ends July 8th, 2020 @ 11:59pm EST

Unfortunately myBB only lets you have 10 choices per poll max, so we're going to do this slightly differently. This poll contains entries 6-11 and you can find entries 1-5 on THIS POLL. Please only vote once per poll, preferably with your OOC account. Both polls will help us determine the top 3 winners of this first round. On July 8th, I will take those top 3 winners (or maybe more if there ends up being a tie) and put them into the second and final poll to determine the overall winner. Voting for that round will last another week.

The Entries (Click to view):

Don't forget to vote in the second poll!

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