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- A Wild Afanc Appeared!

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Whoops, somehow I totally missed this board when I signed up...two weeks ago.  So at this point I've probably chatted with most of y'all on Discourd but I figured why not post here anyway and get the signos.

I am theAfanc, a Welsh Lake Monster with a tragic backstory :(  I won't go into details now but tis very sad I promise.  Most call me Affy, Af, or Addy.  Afanc is pronounced Ay-vank but that seemed to get lost over the internet when the nicknames popped up.  Anywho, I've been doing these play-by-post RPs for like...13 years now?  I started with good ole Warriors on Yahoo Groups.  Didn't even know what Warriors was, joined the site, found out they were books and practically absorbed them overnight.  Over the years I've played on and off on sites.  I've admined and modded a fair number as well as owned a few (that never took off >.>).  Warriors has always had my heart though and I went looking for a Warriors site when I stumbled along here.  I figured it was close enough to satiate the itch XD

Lets see what else...I am part of the GSM community, agender, asexual, panromantic and polyamorous.  I am otherkin as well.  I adorn many labels proudly, I am a furry, I'm a SCAdian, I am a mermaid/tailswimmer.  I cosplay, I do many many crafts, I do some flow arts, I own a longboard and slackline and suck at both.  I LOVE to watch TV (my tracker says I am currently at 9.7k episode watched in my life) and TTRPGs are one of my favorite passtimes.  Pathfinder will always be the best there is no changing my mind.  I am an eclectic animist with roots and practices from Druidry, Shamanism, Buddhism, Wicca/Paganism, The Old Way and a dash of Egyptian Mythos.  My eyes and mind are always open to new ways of looking at the world.

I currently work two jobs, I am a daycare attendant at a small pet sitting and boarding business and I work at Jimmy Johns making sandwiches hella fast bro.  I recently quit my 2.5 year career at a bowling alley.  It was a big change but I was ready to step away from the service industry.  I volunteer at a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation facility that specializes in local birds.  We also have an education program with about 50 of our raptors and owls and do different types of outings as well as have that half of the site open for visitors (in non-covid times).  And I ride horses weekly and have a barn shift once a week as well so I spend many times around animals which is where I am happy <3

Within the next year I want to get re-certified to SCUBA dive and to reopen and rebrand my Etsy shop selling resin casts and polymer clay pieces I make and my super goal is to vend at a convention in 2021.

Ok...I think thats about the story of my life.  OH AND I HAVE TWO CATS I LOVE THEM.  And like a lifepartner too, he's pretty chill I guess.  Anywho, feel free to message me on discourd or whatevs, I'm always happy to chat and chill.



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It's okay, I entirely missed posting an intro thread too.. and I helped open the site! :''''D Way too late for me to post now though LOL

Welcome to Novus, too ♥ I started roleplaying over a decade ago as well; getting close to two now asdhadjhkas! I started in wolves, DRoP/Pern, and equine on Neopets guilds, Geocities, and AIM (... lol I'm sure aging myself, aren't I). It's been so long I can't remember which came first!My first actual forum was The Road to Assia, hosted on AvidGamers (1, before they took it offline without any notice). 

Your life sounds insanely interesting and I'm jealous of your adventurism! I also totally wouldn't mind if you shared pics of your crafts & the pets you sit! C;



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welcome afanc!! we have talked some but welcome all the same <3


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@inkbone I usually post a picture a day on the pets discord channel. And I have a tiktok that is mostly just dog videos XD

I didn't do Neopets but I was on a site called Kenopets (that later became Anatheria) and we did RP stuff on there too! I forgot about them <3

My life is...adventurous in theory. There is a lot of stuff I want to do like travel, live abroad, own a horse. All that stuff :( But it's pretty good all things considered.


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