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Day Court  - Hagar

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Day Court Scholar
Female [She/Her/Hers] // 6 [Year 499 Fall] // 14.3 hh // Hth: 10 — Atk: 10 — Exp: 10 // Active Magic: N/A // Bonded: N/A

Character Application

Player: @Cannon
Referred By: Characters: @Andras @Michael @Hugo @Jask
Are all characters active? Yes!
When was your last character approved? 02/21/2020
Have you filled out the "OOC Account ID" Field? Yep!

Name: @Hagar
Age: 6
Birth season: fall
Court: day
Rank: scholar

Attack: 10

Items: Mutation & Outfit
Restricted Item Redemption Post: Mutation & Outfit
Incentives: 06/09/20 incentive: medics, entertainers, scholars of any court - her outfit, please! :)
Other: no just that i love you <3


[Image: fhOESb6.png]
"I am not your queen, i'm your dictator."


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Your character has been approved! This thread has been moved to the Accepted Characters forum. If you make any significant updates to your character's profile, make sure to respond to this and let us know!

I love her. I mean I love all of your characters, but I also really love her and am enjoying watching these families grow.

@Orestes is the Day Court Sovereign!

I’ve sent you +20 signos for her visual reference! In addition her Outfit (incentive) and Minor Mutation (advent reward) have been approved and added to the Records. <3




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