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IC  - Novus Meet Cute - Winter Edition

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Novus Winter Meet Cute

Sign ups are open until August 8th at 11:59pm EST

Welcome to Novus' first Meet Cute event! This could either go really well or really badly, so let's see what happens...

How It Will Work:
  • The idea is for this to be a loose concept. Your characters could've heard through the grapevine that blind dates were being arranged and come to a certain place and/or certain event with the intention of meeting up with this blind date. They could be coming to an event without an intention of being on a date, but find themselves to be on one. They could absolutely hate each other and it can be a disaster - whatever your heart desires!
  • Those interested in participating will reply to this thread with all the characters they want to sign up. At the end of the sign up period, characters will be randomly paired together into thread to have a "date". It will then be up to you to start the thread.
  • There are a few prompts you're welcome to follow below, but you're not limited to just these. Feel free to make up your own winter scene/date idea!
  • You will have until the end of the season to create your "date" threads. They do not have to be fully completed within the season, but you will need to at least start the thread before the season ends in order for it to count.
  • If for whatever reason the person you're paired with goes MIA before you can even start a thread, please contact Layla and we can make other arrangements!

  • These threads will count towards participation in an IC event for experience as long as they're created within the winter season!
    NOTE: if you decide to make the setting of your date be another IC event, you can't claim experience for both, only one IC event.
  • This is a great way to possibly thread with people you haven't posted with before! (hmm that sounds like a signos redemption…)
  • ~Character development~

Prompt Options:

(Remember, you're not limited to these! Feel free to come up with your own scenarios for your couples anywhere in Novus or use these prompts below)

Tree Decorating at all Courts: Within the halls of each of the Courts' capitals are several conifer trees setup on stands. There are boxes full of things that couples can use to decorate the trees to their heart's content such as brightly colored ornaments and strands of garland. In the background is soft music to really set the mood.

Ice Skating at Vitreus Lake: The lake has frozen for the winter, forming a solid layer of ice that's perfect for skating. (How do horses ice skate? Well, that's up to interpretation) There are lanterns placed all along the edge of the lake to add to the ambience. A merchant has set up shop for those who have a sweet tooth, including cups of hot cocoa and fresh gingerbread cookies.

Snow Animals at Sussoro Fields: A fresh blanket of snow covers the fields, sparkling in the sunlight. It's the perfect texture to form snowballs and have a snowball fight, or couples can make snow animals together.

Gift Exchange at Illuster Meadow: The well known red flowers of Delumine's meadow are gone for the season, replaced by snow and frost. However, that doesn't make it any less beautiful. Trees decorated with silver and gold tinsel have been set up all over, strung with colored lights that twinkle in the night. Once night falls, couples are asked to bring a nicely wrapped gift to exchange with their date.

To Enter:

No form necessary, just reply with the characters you want to sign up!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask @Layla <3

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Sign Reinhart up! :)

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Let's toss Euryale in. ;D

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What a fun idea!

Can I sign up: Tenebrae, Sereia, Estelle and Leo (Probs best to say he goes on a kids play/friend date since the boy is underage. Tho that likely won't stop him crushing on his date xD)


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Sign Raziel up ;D

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Oh delightful! Caspian is in.

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Elena and Isabella
And Elliana because I have no self control.

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This sounds like so much fun! Please sign Willfur up. :)

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Michael and Andras will sign up!

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EEE! Can I enter Corr, Torix, and Lyr?!

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