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My time in the lands of Novus so far had been fairly uneventful. I had yet to meet the teacher I had come in search of, even though I believed I had found the home I had been in search of. I still couldn't be sure that I had found the place I was meant to belong in. Until then, my limbs would continue to carry me through these strange lands until I found the answer to all of my questions.

Today I found myself trudging across this land bridge. The salty brine that caressed the edges of the rocky soil sprayed up and stained my midnight coat the color of the darkest ink as it lapped and wore away at the stones holding my frame up from the depths of it's embrace. Nervous energy danced across my synapses, something about this bridge seemed wrong, as if some magical being had placed it here rather than mother nature herself. But yet, I found myself ignoring my common sense and moving forward, allowing the need for adventure and excitement to overpower the portion of my brain telling me to turn around and run as fast as I could back to solid ground.

The salty, maybe even slightly fishy, scent of the ocean tickled at my nose, a gentle threat of the watery death that rested only a few mere feet on either side of me. The ability to swim meant very little when the watery depths decided that they wanted to get to know you better, for this exact reason I found myself avoiding water much deeper than a lake unless I had to. Apparently, today, I had to. A sigh of relief escaped from between ink stained lips as my hooves hit down onto the solid ground of an island that the bridge had connected to. As my feet hit the ground the sky above me swirled with dark, dangerous clouds, the sound of thunder rumbled off in the distance. "Fuck." I muttered under my breath as flame colored eyes searched for shelter during this bought of bad weather.

There seemed to be little to protect me from the dangers of a storm while on the ocean, until my eyes fell upon the mouth of a cave. Dark ears flicked forward then slammed back into beach-y waves as a crash of thunder rolled over my head. I moved forward quickly into the cave, only to be met by darkness. My throat tightened momentarily before I forced myself to continue walking, eventually the darkness opened into a surreal lighting from lit torches along the walls leading me into a room.

Every fiber of my being ushered me back to the safety of the mainland, to run from this empty room. A misshapen throne set before me. The stones were placed haphazardly and sea grasses sprouted between the cracks, their shadows dancing in the light of the flickering torches, but noone sat upon the throne and as far I could see...I was alone...

let my heart bleed out
till there's nothing left

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↞ Meira ↠
Home. The sea was her home. In all it's violent, turbulent glory. The sky was overcast, the gray clowds were stretching across the sky with ease. The waters beneath churn and writhe as though they are make up one great dragon. It hungers for blood in the same way she does. It hungers to drown the rot and drag it into the depths where it would suffer. Meira's limbs ache to plunge into the churning waves below the bridge she now walks upon. It calls to her, it promises her what she cannot have. A life in the sea. Her soul belongs to it, and now she is bound to the land. The earth hued woman nearly purrs with each wave that collides with her flesh. It is almost enticing enough for her to leap from the stone bridge into the depths. There is nothing in the sea she fears, it will not reject her the way Delumine does. Here she is no thorn in the side of a court whose ideals she will never fit with ease. She will never dive into their world as effortlessly as their children.

The proximity of the sea is enough to dull the strange atmosphere of magic that reminds her so much of him. It is the reason she finds herself here today. A place where she has the constant cascade of solace from the love of her life, while she confronts one of the things she hates the most. This island is no stranger to her, not in the way it might be for some. Meira has swum beside this very island as a Roanne youth, but she never dared to venture upon its shores. Eventually, the thickness of the magic here becomes too much for her to bear. Meira leaps from the stone structure binding the mainland to the mysterious island. She can feel her excitement building as she plummets into the depths below. The sea churns around her, it welcomes her home. Meira knows this is reckless, but she cannot help it. The saltwater rushing around her skin feels too right for her to care about the recklessness of her actions. Ivory limbs being to move, they remember the sea too. It is hard for them to forget. Towards the heavens, she rises, until her head erupts from the darkness of the water. Waves crash down overhead, giving her only moments to catch her breath. 

She moves swiftly in the water toward the Island, the sea providing a balm from the discomfort the magic had left upon her skin. It swells the closer she draws to the island, but she is soothed by the sea that is quickly growing violent. Meira dives beneath the waves again and swims quickly, faster and faster until the ground beneath her hooves is visible. She thrusts herself upwards again, catching her breath around the crashing waves. Her pale limbs find their footing upon the beach of the island. They drag her from her home. Though the visit was nice, it still gave to her a warning that she might not be so lucky next time. Her blue gaze is fixed upon the churning, rising sea for a few moments. Water drips from her pelt as she stares. Thunder beings to rumble overhead, telling her it is time to say goodbye. Meira sighs as she begins to move deeper onto the strange island. The air is like electricity crawling across her skin. It feels like him. She hates it, violence surges through her veins with each step she takes. Before her, she spots dark coloured man who stares at the throne lies at the heart of the island. It sits empty, cracked, forgotten by its previous ruler. Meira approaches with some curiosity, the sea still drips from her saturated pelt. Her hair is weighed down by the water. "For all the time this island has stood, I never would have imagined someone had once ruled over it. Monarch of madness no doubt." She announces her presence to the bronc, but does not move to introduce herself.

There will be time for names later. She wants to savor the visit home before she is forced to face the likes of man yet again. She does not want him to stain her good mood. Not yet.

Oof sorry for the novel 

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