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Hi! I'm Eerie! Nice to meet you guys and I hope we can create awesome stories together!

Just turned 21 eyy (Missed my birthday by just a few days RIP but), live in CA (RIP again, fires, general heat, etc.), and used to work at a pet shop! I've got like a million stories from that place DGBDG. Truthfully I never was really good at intros, but I try my best! GDFDGS I uhhHH have a bunch of pets? 2 cats, a guinea pig, 6 bearded dragons, and three fish tanks (two of which are cichlid tanks! Got a one eyed oscar!) 

Hopefully I'll be able to break a bit out of my shell here! :3c


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welcome!! your collection of animals sounds amazing <3 over here we've got five cats, two hedgehogs, a pair of silver dollars and a betta! it's kinda wild. i'd love to see pics of your animals and can't wait to read your words <3


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Welcome Eerie! So good to have you with us :)


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