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Private  - Quiet Reunion (Rhone)

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The stars are alive, child! Did you know that? Everything out there is alive, and there are grand purpose abroad!

I don't know when the remembering stopped. When I went from images so vivid they burned in my mind like hot coals sizzling on sand, to paintings marred by time, to far gone to be restored. Was it when I had moved to the night order? Or later when I had spent some time within its walls. Had it been gradual or all at once? I couldn't tell, it seems like both at the same time. And I was grateful for it. Remembering was painful, and living in the present was a gift I didn't think I would ever be able to treasure again. 

There was a rhythm to the days now. A steady pace that lulled one into security. Not a false security... but a warm and gentle one. If I wanted to break it up I could, if I didn't I could keep following that steady beat.  On days like this one, I could find an escort and have them take me down the mountains, sometimes for a day, sometimes more. So I did. 

I left Picoro this time, much to his displeasure. As much as I loved the order, loved all the company it provided, sometimes it was nice to be alone, if just for a brief moment. I wandered slowly through the night court, towards the lake. Usualy it was somewhat busy, but there were a few shaded spots around the shore that were quieter. Where a moments peace could be found. Before I could make my way to one of them, a familiar face caught my eye down the shore. 

"Rhone?" I called out, making my way towards the stallion. "Its been a while! How are you? How is dusk?" 

okay so this is not a great starter lol but I tried



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