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galileo kodarki

This was as far as he could -- no, would -- go. If he delved too far into Solterra, he was afraid he would never resurface. There were too many equines there, and being as large as he was, he didn't often blend in with the crowd. He found that city-folk, too, were prone to asking questions. Why did he have this scar here, or why was there that scar there. Galileo had no time for explaining himself, nor the nicks on his body.

With a thankful heart, he laughs as her voice rises like the dawning sun. There is a gladness in his tone that was not there before, and yet here he was, happy. This was so unlike him that Galileo barely recognised himself. "I'm not sure why you would have any reason to come to the canyons, but if you're here, I won't say no to a friendly chat."

Humoured at her joke, he lets his belly shake with laughter. "I told you I needed no visitors! But I suppose you are right, at least I do not have to call myself a hermit, in any case."

He hoped she knew that he desperately did want to see her again, preferably sooner rather than later. He wanted to bask in her radiant joy all day and night, talking endlessly under the stars (yes! Galileo, talking! Who knew?). More than anything, he prays for her safety and her abundance, and that she is successful in her endeavours. That's all he really wants for her: success.

And with that, she leaves him speechless as ever, but with a knowing grin on his face too. He hoped this was the start of a beautiful friendship. /EXIT

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