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Fight: Judged  - with fire and blood

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Fight Type: Battle
Prize: No prize, this is just for experience!
Contact Made: Yes

Character #1: @Maerys
Bonded: Yes - a fantasy bonded, fire-breathing dragon
Magic: Yes - emotional transferance (emotion stealing)
Armor: No
Weapons: Yes - an ax
Current Health: 11
Current Attack: 9
Current Experience: 22

Character #2: @Nicnevin
Bonded: No
Magic: No
Armor: No
Weapons: No
Current Health: 8
Current Attack: 12
Current Experience: 10

there are nights when the wolves are silent
and only the horses howl

Maerys was searching for a fight, but it wasn't in the barbaric and savage way the bloodthirsty and war-starved did. She'd come to Bellum Steppe, the land that had been known as the heart of conflict and challenge for many years now, to further her training as a warrior; there was no revenge to be sought, no anger to be unleashed. In her two years as a Deluminian soldier, she had yet to prove her worth in an actual fight, and though she spent hours learning maneuvers from other warriors and reading combat books from the library, that alone could not prepare her for war. 

As a child, she would have readily sparred with others, but the Deluminians had told her she must wait until she was mature enough to handle the weight of another full-grown horse pressing against her with gnashing teeth and heavy kicks. As the years progressed, she had finally become powerful enough to accept a challenger. 

Flying in serene, expert arcs above Maerys was Vradara, who impatiently waited for an opponent to make themselves known. Though the reptilian beast was typically far from hostile, the anticipation and thrill she felt through her bond with Maerys had riled her up. 

Summer had come to Bellum Steppe with passion on this day, an unstoppable ripple of warmness. The heaven burned cerulean, adorned only by the seldom puffy cloud. The sun, unobstructed and blazing, was a celebration of golden glory. The terrain around her was extensive and spacious, beautified with perennials - a scattered spectrum of colors among the sepia of dry grass.

Then, Maerys noticed the pegasus - her opponent.

The stranger's build insinuated a draft influence meanwhile her lankiness denoted a more adolescent age. What the mare had in body, she presumably lacked in experience - and Maerys would readily use that as an advantage should this be her opponent on this day. With the thick ram horns and sizeable wings of a hybrid versus the naked body of an equine, it would be an intriguing match, but it was one Maerys felt wholeheartedly qualified for. 

Maerys seized her double-sided ax and began marching towards the mare, only laying the weapon back on the ground beside her when she was close enough to the stranger. "Hello," she commenced. "Is thee a soldier?" The question would've seemed entirely random had they not been in Bellum Steppe on this warm summer day. "I am Maerys, wouldst thee entertain sparring with me?"

just a warning, haven't sparred in over 4 years of RPing....

Summary: It's a warm summer day. Maerys is on the Steppe with Vradara and her ax when she sees Nicnevin and walks up to her. After asking if she is a soldier, Maerys introduces herself and requests that they spar together for practice! (Side note: Jeanne gave me permission to say that Nicnevin was already here in the opener so everything would flow smoothly in the next few posts!)

Attack Used: 0
Attack(s) Left: 2
Block Used: 0
Block(s) Left: 1
Item(s) Used: None

Response Deadline: January 11th, 2021 (1/11/21)
Tags: @Nicnevin, @inkbone

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force and magic always permitted

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Due to failure to respond by the deadline, @Nicnevin forfeits the fight and @Maerys wins! 

The characters' official experience has been updated to reflect these changes (along with any signos rewards sent), so there's no need to post in the Experience Updates or Signos Redemption threads!

Participate in a Battle or Challenge: +1 EXP
Winning a Battle or Challenge: +1 EXP
Winning a Battle or Challenge: 25 Signos
TOTAL: +2 EXP, 25 Signos

No "Participate in a Battle or Challenge" experience is gained if fight is forfeited by lack of response.

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