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Limited  - The Star Walkers

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The lands they come from have revered them as beings from above that would one day return to the stars, and whereas some allowed this story, still others have rebutted it and don't believe in such things.

Their origins are muddled, but the old herds of the past that lived in a land where the name is no longer known ( except by the Star Walkers themselves ) used to look to the skies and pray. Many deities lingered around this herd, in those lands, always coming down to mingle and speak with the humble and small mortals that would speak to them and offer praises and other things in an effort to gain some sort of good luck favor. Scholars were among the most revered in the herd, known to convene with the deities more so than the common folk, becoming a sort of monk in a way, a voice for the people that many would not hear from above.

The deities that mingled with those below tended to also father and mother children with them, blessing them with the coat of the stars in some shape or form, and either gifting ( or cursing ) them with a sense of immortality. The mortal ones would pass over time, and when they did, the deities would descend to gather them up and take them above to the stars where they belonged, and to become immortal and part of the stars --- or so the stories have been passed down.

Such things are old now, dusty whispers in a land that doesn't believe in such things. Their society has been erased over time, falling away instead of advancing due to a more peaceful nature that made them all the more ripe for raiding.  


-- Star Walkers are beings that are comprised of some sort of deity heritage, coming from a land far from Novus, a land that barely ever exists except in soft whispers and rumors on the wind. Most Star Walkers have had immortality in their lives, and carry the ghosts of a former world on their shoulders, born and raised to learn the stars, the constellations, and the earthbound creations such as flowers and other living things.  ( or they are born into it )

-- Most Star Walkers are lonely due to their immortality, and have lost a lot, even if they've just now turned mortal to some degree. They know of other Star Walkers but have likely never met another one due to the years that have passed between them all. 

-- Most will tell you that Star Walkers have ascended the stars in some form, at least according to lore, or have descended from the heavens themselves. Most, if not all, have some sort of celestial markings on their body that give them away as a relation to the cosmos above, and many in the past were revered by the herd that called them Star Walkers. Most are half deity, whereas others are simply born of them further down the line, blessed with markings and a love for the skies above. 

-- Many of the Walkers recently do not have such a heavy attachment to the stars, and instead find fascination in all things on earth, as if they've stepped down onto the ground from above and see everything and anything as a small treasure.

-- Most of them tend to be in Denocte or Terrestella, but not all of them will be. This isn't something to be adhered to.

-- Many descendants of the Star Walkers of the past are oracles or seers in some way, attached to the original Star Walkers in a divine way ( with the original Star Walkers not knowing this ). The receive visions from them or just see them a lot of the time.


-- @Cicatrix rp'ed by Kaiju ( Original Star Walker )

-- @Crux rp'ed by Kaiju ( more recent born Star Walker )

-- Lunar rp'ed by Inkbone ( oracle to Star Walker line, not yet on-site )


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