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Bel had to laugh slightly when the other admitted her own surprise, but her expression still was distasteful towards the idea of another threatening this little peach she had found. She did find Jane adorable, and the idea that another could have been so threatening towards her didn't sit well with the Treader, "Honestly, regardless towards towards if she attacked you or not, or that it was in the middle of the night, or anything like that, that foolish mare had no right to make you feel threatened." She stated after a moment of pause. "No one has a right to make another feel so scared. Predator or not. Even predators know you don't play with food. When I go fishing I get it done as quick as I can, and I certainly don't scare the fish more than I should. But someone just scaring and being threatening because of some power trip - as that is exactly what it sounds like - it's childish."

She did have to nod in response to the agreement that this mare of question was certainly no creature of water, but she still felt it might do Jane better to gently change the subject, and finding out more about each other seemed the way to go. "You really don't need to worry about Yukime, she might look large - but it's just the length of her, she's small enough she has to ride on me or she gets worn out. And she's got a taste for fish, not horse. Well, not just fish, she likes amphibians too, she gets excited if she finds a salamanders and newts too." She stated with a teasing laugh that had the serpent sending a wave of water in Bel's direction with her tail. Bel grinned as she let the water hit her, before explaining how she'd come to be here.

It was definitely the quick version, but still her story. "It was better that I left, ultimately I wouldn't have been able to be happy there. It was painful to leave, still is at times, but it was for the best." Bel admitted, her smile sad, melancholy, "My pod is set in there ways, even when they're wrong . . . They forget to celebrate life while fearing death. Novus has been much better to me." Bel tilted her head when Jane spoke of coming from a land called Angora - of only being in Novus for a month now, and having been exiled. Bel smiled softly, "Don't fret on not having ties yet, you're still new around here. It gets easier with time, I promise. I've been in Novus for two or three years now, and in that time, I've grown to truly love it. It can be hard at times, being somewhere new with out anyone to turn too, but if you ever need someone to just talk to, come find me - alright? I'll never turn you away. So consider this your first tie to Novus, alright?" Bel stated with a warm smile.

Besides, Bel could use all the ties, herself, too.

Notes:: <3 Poor Sweet Jane, she better watch out, Bel's gonna adopt her >.>

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Jane smiled a little. It felt good to have someone be on her side. A bit of bitterness crossed Bel’s face as she reprimanded the other creature. It was strange, actually, to feel like someone was on her team, even if that someone was a person she’d likely never meet again. Jane was glad that Bel had been brought here, and even that Yukime had come here too, even if the circumstances hadn’t been ideal. “Have you ever seen a feline? Where I come from, there are creatures as big as Yukime, and they certainly would have fun with their prey. They like to trap us.” She snorted a little, “I nearly got eaten by one as a foal, until one of the guards found me just in time.”

A wave of water splashed toward Bel and caught Jane as a casualty. She was soaked in a rush and blinked suddenly, surprise written plainly on her face. Then she laughed a little bit, ducking her head. 

“For now, at least, Novus has bored me. I don’t feel like I belong here, which sucks because my family wants nothing to do with me. So I’m stuck here until they change their mind. But they want me to discover the world. To find myself. What they want is for me to find a fitting husband so I can fulfill my duties as a mare. But not too young- they want me to be-” She let out a laboured sigh, “So I have nothing at all to do other than to lie in my aunt’s guest bedroom and watch the light change on the wall.” 

Her first tie to Novus. Jane smiled wider at that. She didn’t say that, technically, Sebastien was supposed to be a tie. Her aunt and uncle were ties. But they said nothing to her in the afternoons aside from the polite greetings that distinguished them as a family rather than strangers on the street. "Please seek me out if you ever come to Solterra. I live at the residence of House Vogelstein, and I would love to spend time with you."

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