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There was such a deep, bizarre sensation he felt for the desert. He hated the heat. Seze loved it. He hated the hot sand. Yet, he had a number of wonderful experiences in a desert. Lucian and he turned pink. Adorned in tiaras. Dazzling and dazzled by the girls of the Donieta. They had been hidden in an Oasis in the heart of the desert. Not only them though, did he love the desert for.

Namtar. She of the sands. Snake who slithered and burned where she went. A true desertborn being if ever one existed. No other had been like she was and ever would be again to him. He and her had never been lovers. Never been more than friends. In fact, he had often taken the brunt of her frustration. Grinned and carried on. How they became so bonded was lost to him. Entia grinned to himself.

So when he found the Oasis, in the heart of Solterra it had been by sheer luck only. Seze was atop a rock nearby, looking down. Entia had slid towards the water. Grateful for the liquid, his head lowered and he drank. Ears twitching away. White and red eyes watching closely.

The blue was quite gorgeous. Entia was fond of water and of the way the red of the rock met the blue. There was a number of plants here too, but it was all apart of the learning.

And he realised here, he was not alone. Teeth gleamed as Entia swung his head towards the stranger. Yet he says nothing. Not yet, anyway. No need to alert them to the bizarre thought processes his head. Not yet.

Let’s just see...

@Windigo <3


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