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There, before him, was Terrastella. The Dusk Court opened. From one to another, he had drifted. Learning, seeing, Taking ass and kicking names - wait, no. Just taking names. No ass-kicking around here. Not yet. Not his own, not others. Plenty of time for that, he muses. White and red eyes shine bright. He cannot help but smile as the thought trickling down made its way. The image of just a huge boot kicking ass. Just a little bit of punishment, right?

He had seen others. It was just time to be here, after wandering the other realms. Entia, despite being of the Dawn, was learning. There was really quite a fair bit left to learn though, as there always was. Even when he had been King of Ilir, there had been something new almost every day. What a venture that had been too, he thought.

And so long ago now.

He meandered now. Seze at his flank. She had not been there for Liridon. Oblivion had been where he’d found her. Namtar had enjoyed her presence, finding the scaled beast a creature Entia did not deserve. Yet here she was. Wicked claws, saw-like teeth.

If Entia died, he’d probably wind up her meal. He glanced at her with that thought.

The glint in her eyes confirmed it.

“I am going to need to get some kind of insurance against you for that one. I’d like to make sure I’m burned, rather than wind up dino poop thank you,” he remarked. Seze snorted.

“No, really….” he trails off.

In the Dusk Court now, Entia stopped. He looked around, no idea where he was but ready to learn. Ready to find out what this place was about.

And ready to leave that thought behind.


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