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Interactive Quest  - Fly High and Touch the Sun

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This flaming guardian could be your worst nightmare...

Sol snorted as he listened to her pouting. She got more self assured as she spoke and he chuckled even more. "At least you are learning wisdom to temper the desire to battle. That was the view my father took when training me. I have since learned that being able to battle without harm does not always mean that you are the strongest, merely the luckiest." He answered as he dipped his massive head.

"I am glad that you have learned as much. I would hate to see you wallow in such a slight injury and disappear from my side forever." He teased, pressing his warm muzzle to her neck.

Sol nodded as he flicked an ear back. "I will not offer... I find that I am not the greatest teacher when it comes to fighting. That being said, if you find that you need a sparring partner later, I would be honored." He spoke, chuckling along with her as they moved.

"If you are capable of sliding down a cliff face, than my wings are definitely not cheating! They are a means of saving oneself and making sure that said being will survive having a best friend that is sassy and ornery and willing to push you off of a cliff." He teased, shaking his head as he felt the bliss of her company wash over him.

The aura of the sun, for that is what his body was telling him it was that had hit him, faded from the area, leaving just the typical warm sunlight to wash over them. It took a few moments for him to be able to feel his limbs, to sense where his body was and what he was feeling. The heat that was rolling off of his frame, hotter than normal. Nearly too hot for him to be able to tolerate. Shaking his head, he focused on what Bel was saying.

"Glowing?" He asked, lifting his head and trying to find the glow that she spoke of. His wings seemed to be sparkling, glowing at the tips. His eyes saw the glow as beautiful and striking, something unique to him. Dipping his head, he glanced at his hooves to see that there was more than the glow from his flames brightening the soil. The soil where there had initially been snowfall. Flicking an ear, he turned his head back to Bel. "I suppose I am... This is interesting..." He mused, dry humor back in place as he felt himself settle into his own body.

Her hesitation hurt his heart as he watched her step closer slowly. How did he control the heat? Could he control it? Or would he forever be kept apart from her? The hiss of her touch made him jump backwards. "Bel... I cant... Please... I dont want to harm you." He murmured sorrowfully, golden eyes closed as he dipped his head.

"I can feel the heat now. It is like the sun's aura heated me from the inside when it touched me. Like my cells are filled with it and I dont know how to turn it off." Frustration raced through his mind as he opened his eyes and gazed at her. Taking another step backwards, he felt the emotions playing with whatever magic was now tingling in his blood. The flames at his hooves grew stronger, barely controlled by his magic. The effect on the flames drained some of the heat from his body, something that startled him. His magic settled as fatigue raced through him. The radiation was still there, but it was tolerable.

"I think... I hope... That I will be able to control this. I just need time. I dont want to hurt you. I wouldnt survive that." He murmured, motioning to the path that they had traversed to get up to the top. "Please. Go where it is safe. I will find you when I have had time to figure out how to control this." He words were pleading as he gazed at her. Sol hated to drive her away, but he also didnt want to risk her. His pleading gaze found her companion. "Keep her safe... Even from me. Please Yuki..." He murmured softly.

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It took all of her self control not to fall into laughter at his snort. Still she couldn't not be determined for the future, her voice becoming more certain. She tilted her head when he spoke of her learning wisdom to temper the desire of battle, smiling at what she perceived to be a compliment, "Luck can only get you so far. Relying on it and counting for it is flirting with disaster, and I wouldn't advise to that anyway." Bel agreed, before her smile grew, her eyes brightening, "It's hard not to learn from the world around me. Here, it's another way of life - and to be honest I'm relieved that it's not so cut throat. So no need to worry that one minor scratch is going to send me away for eternity." She muzzled nudging him playfully.

She tilted her head when he admitted to not being a good teach, but the offer of a sparring partner was curious food for thought, "I'm definitely no where being to the point where I could use one, but I will definitely keep it in mind, no doubt!" She agreed, before their light conversation took a turn when he was struck by the aurora. Bel was immediately alarmed, more so when she spoke about glowing at he seemed surprised, before noting the glow to his wings, his hooves. How where snow previously was, there was no soil and evaporated water - the area around his hooves dry. Bel in her own caution stayed a step back, frowning, "Interesting? It's a touch alarming, Sol! You're not hurt right? You're sure you're otherwise okay?"

And yet she hesitated about approaching him, moving carefully forward as she fought through the heat to reach his side. Her vapors were already dropping considerably in temperature, until low, heavy ice cold droplets of water hung around her to counteract the height. His words had her scoff at him, "Oh hush, I'm fine. You've a high temperature, but you're not that hot. Besides, my water vapors are at a decent temperature to help keep me hydrated." She assured, dismissing his concern.

He spoke about the heat, that it was like the sun heating him from within, and his cells being filled with it. She frowned, worried about what kind of harm that might be doing, before noting that he took another step back, even as his hooves started to grow brighter, fire growing stronger, a controlled burn out that left his own source of new power lesser after bleeding some off. She nodded when he spoke of thinking he could control it, about to state that it was obvious he'd master it soon enough - she had faith. But then he spoke again. I just need time. She blinked, turning towards her friend, frowning more as he continued, motioning for her to step away.

She snorted roughly, eyes narrowing. "Don't be an idiot. I'm not going to hide away from you just because you think you're hotter than the sun now. I got news for you buddy, you're my friend, and I'm not abandoning anyone ever again. Don't ask me to do that Sol, it won't work. Not again. Never again." She snapped, her voice strong but sure, even though there was a touch of pain at being asked to leave him behind. Yuki however was more hesitant, eyeing the male who spoke to her to keep her bonded safe.

But Bel wasn't easy to direct, which is what led her to storming straight up to stallion, her tail swinging at low angle, and aiming to slap the flat of her fluke against his side with a huff of annoyance, "So I'm not going anywhere. Deal with it. You wouldn't hurt me even if you tried. You want time to figure it out, fine. But. I. am. not. abandoning you in the process. Besides, I don't know the way off this mountain anyway. So the least you can do is lead the way off. I'll even let you try to convince me why your starfish-brained plan of me avoiding you is a good idea while we had down. Idiot stallion." She wasn't going anywhere. SHe could give him space if he needed it, but she couldn't . . . wouldn't abandon him. Not leaving too many options but for him to say goodbye and fly off, she started down the trail off the mountain, moving slow enough to encourage him to catch up with her.

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