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Portal IC Event  - The Portals — 507 Spring: The Path

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This is the current iteration of where the Portals are taking the Novians. Remember, to claim +2 EXP for participating in an IC Event each season: you must post in a thread made in that season, and the thread must be completed within (2) months of that post date.

During Year 507's Spring: The Path

[06/01/21 - 07/31/21] Came into existence at the beginning of Year 507 Spring, and will end at the beginning of Year 507 Summer. The Palace's gates gently clicked shut at the conclusion of the (once seemingly endless) Novian winter, the garden table cleared of all sweet and savory things and all keys to the inner rooms seemingly lost. On the last day of winter, those who would approach the portal would find that the Terminus' tide at the isthmus pass was too high for even the bravest to approach. The land's effective way of temporarily sealed off the Palace's Portal, protecting it as the wild magic ran feverishly behind its gate. 

The Portal itself did not stay inaccessible for long - no, for even if the Palace was no more (for now), something else opened up in its stead.

This time, stepping through the Portal would lead to what would become known as "The Path." Stepping through, hooves would land on a long, dark stretch of dirt. The path itself was a mere couple of feet wide, with each side indiscernible and cast in dark shadows that threatened to swallow you whole. Nearing either left or right edge of the path would instill a nerve-wracking fright in all who attempted such a move, preventing them from stepping over the edge with a paralyzing fear.

The only options this path gave you were two: Continue forward towards the end, or turn around and exit back towards the Portal and the Terminus. 

Those who chose to push towards the end of this long dirt pathway may be startled when it was no longer soil beneath their feet, but weathered stone. The path opened up to a circular clearing, with the unique archways of five somewhat familiar portals.

The archway of the first was seemingly carved out of sheer mountainous stone - the same that made up the mouth of the Abigo Caves. Humid, muggy air drifted from the center of this portal, and you could hear raindrops and whispering leaves.

The archway of the second was made up of twisting, curved, bent trees reminiscent of those you could see in the Viride Forest. Little flurries of snow drifted through the center of this portal, landing on the ground and melting within seconds.

The archway of the third was made up of expansive, cracked limestone just like that of the Elatus Canyon's walls. If you looked hard enough at the center of this portal, you could see the vivid stars twinkling in the distance.

The archway of the fourth was seemingly crafted out of Tinean swamp muck, which was constantly oozing and dripping - evermoving, but seemingly never pooling at the base. You could hear the bog crickets chirping from the other side.

The archway of the fifth was made of a snow and mountain rock combination, piled almost haphazardly but never seeming to tumble. It stood proud, like the Arma Mountains, but on the other side... you could hear the gentle lull of crashing waves. 

Which path will you take?

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