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This flaming guardian could be your worst nightmare...

The shiver had him pausing, wondering to the source. Was it emotion, hesitation? He gazed at the mare with soft eyes, listening to her heart beat. "I cannot say that I have ever been called beautiful before. But then I also havent allowed myself the pleasure of another's company, outside of my best friend. And she made it clear that there would be no romance between us." He laughed softly, glad that he had accepted that discussion and was open to flirting with another.

"Since we have both made it clear that we dont have any reservations about age... I would suppose that means that neither of us have an issue with wherever this goes." Wherever it goes... And he wasnt sure where he wanted this to go. Sol was enjoying the time with the beauty beside him, the verbal banter and flirtations that were passing between the pair.

Another shiver, another sign that she was feeling something. That knowledge was heady, causing him to really work to contain himself. Her touch was electrifying, a jolt to a place that had been dormant for so long. He breathed deep, taking in her scent along with that of the world around them as he smirked at her. "It seems that we are the perfect match... A pair of gilded beasts." He responded, his voice husky and filled with unnamed emotions.

Her words were dancing in his ears as he grinned. "Should the conversation be lost... there is always other chances. I would hate to think that this is our only meeting. It would be such a heartache to be separated from your beauty for too long." He murmured, his words perhaps a touch exaggerated. That being said, he was enjoying this more than he thought he would. At the pleasure in his system, moments from his past tried to rear their ugly heads. Shoving them down forcefully, he ran his muzzle along her shoulder.

Her next words were a challenge, making him snort in amusement. "That is quite the question. I spent a good amount of time here before my... trip... and then have been back for a few months. At this point, I have no desire to leave Novus and am thrilled to be back. To find new faces and beauty unparalleled..." While his life had been a mess, he was finding that he was thankful for the things that his past had taught him. Sol was more mature and ready for the next parts of his life... Even if it was just learning how to put himself out for a relationship once again.

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Multiple things ran through Jane’s mind at the stallion’s advances. First, there was the initial excitement of someone giving her attention. Positive attention, too, made her feel lithe and soft inside. But there was a bit of something akin to revulsion at the pit of her stomach, and she did not know its name. Fear? Was she doing something wrong? At the back of her mind she thought of her mother’s vicious, cold eyes. Indifferent eyes, as though Jane had used up all her patience. There was nothing left for her daughter.

Jane shoved it down. Go away, she willed those thoughts. “I would be lying if I said I had never been called beautiful before, I have. But rarely by those whose beauty parallels mine.” She tilted her head, grinning. 

I would suppose that neither of us have an issue with wherever this goes. Where was it going? She wanted to ask herself. Should she pull back, should she run? If her family found out, there would be hell to pay. Jane had been sent away because they didn’t want to deal with her, only for her to embarrass her family on distant shores. The disgrace would surely ruin her. 

But Jane was, above all things, a girl at the beginning of adulthood. In many ways it was like staring into a cave, and knowing that that cave contained the rooms of marriage, motherhood, and nothing inside them. It wasn’t like she was known for intelligence, either. Really, at the end of the day Jane was known for her rank and nothing more. She was nothing more than any other mare her age; fickle and petty and worthless. 

So let me be fickle and petty and worthless. I don’t want to cross this bridge, so why not burn it. Why not give him the torch. She focused back on Sol, stepping closer and running her nose over his shoulder; muscled, and not as black as she had first thought. Indeed, there lay grey beneath all that darkness, like light pressing through cracks.

“I must confess that I have no set up plans.” Her voice was light, gentle, and yet intense. Did the grass smell this intense for him too? Did he taste the burnt sugar on the breeze? Jane tried to let herself drink it in. “We certainly are fine specimens.” His voice was heady and hot against Jane’s body, and she felt at once afraid and encouraged.

“I live very far from here, you know. But feel free to meet me in Solterra, if you ever pass through. Parting is such sweet sorrow,” she quoted, leaning into his muzzle. 

At his next words, Jane hesitated for a moment. It always made her feel strange, to hear of others who loved their country, who would fight for this country, who would return from their country. She truly doubted that she would be any of them. And yet, the silent truth was that she would never be Angoran again. How could she return without an invitation she would surely never receive. She was dead to them. “I wish I could say it was the same for me, but Novus and I have an indifferent relationship. It doesn't give much of a damn for me, and I don't give much a damn for it either. It's just another country, in my mind. Although it does sport some wonderful characters, yourself included.” 

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