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V e i l N e b u l a
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Caught up in a palentary world
She had been a shooting star.

From one place to another in Ruris, she was exploring it all, but it felt necessary when she knew so little about the world around her. She didn't know where she really was, other than on some sort of planet in a system that owed life to the yellow star shining bright. She didn't know the languages being spoken - only just starting to grasp that it was a means of communication, and filled with pretty sounds that she enjoyed listening to it. It didn't mean much to her beyond that, however. She didn't grow up around language, why would she, a simple star among the many others - just in a much different shape. Even before that she hadn't been one for language, as a Nebula it hadn't been needed She was just another star system in the universe. Now, she was another one of the many beings on this planet, but unlike them, she didn't know what to do, what to say, what to think.

She felt lost.

Always lost in a world she didn't understand. Sure, others spoke to her, but it didn't help when she didn't understand the noises and sounds they made. They were pretty and different, but they meant so little to her. It was like listening to any other part of the planet, a bunch of noises making a melody that she couldn't name, couldn't explain to others. A symphony of pretty noise. Sure, she was beginning to pick out intentions, she could hear the emotions at least. She recognized some noises to be some sort of acknowledgment of coming upon her, but that didn't mean she knew what they were. And she certainly didn't make her own noise, she wouldn't even know ho-

No, that was a lie.

She'd made that rumbling sound recently, a sound that echoed and trilled around her that sounded like joy and happiness, whatever it might have been. So had made that sound, though she wasn't sure how, or why, or what it meant. She didn't need sound in space, there was no sound - it was impossible to even have sound. So in a world with so much of it, it was just . . . it was overwhelming at one point, confusing at another, and just full of amazement. She loved it. The sound, the life. It was the best part of this planet!

She still felt out of place.

She knew it was just time, it was getting better slowly, but it didn't make it easier yet. It didn't make it smoother yet. But it was better. Today she had found her way here. The creek was pretty, full of life all around her. It had been the water over the rocks and stones, and the birds that had led her here The pretty waterfall, with the mist that reminded her of her own galatic dust that made her smile at the view. Beautiful didn't seem to describe this land. It was breaking with life, so much. She loved the way it looked, so full of life and so full of sound. She didn't mind being lost in this place, thankfully.

It was truly a peaceful.

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