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Interactive Quest  - Silvertongue [Quest]

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Everyone knows that Solterra is the land of the fierce, the ruthless. That it is the land of battle scars and trials of strength. Spars that gather crowds of raunchy spectators, cheering and jeering for blood to be spilled. But few remember that it is also the land of honeyed words. Of false promises coated in sugar, if only to delay the discovery of a bitter end. 

It is also true that everyone knows the Ieshan, are the snakes that rule Solterra’s sands. Behind the ropes of every decision, every move, somehow they have slithered into every nook of the desert, and coiled themselves around it. It seemed Hagar was no exception.
Many here are born with magic. Some wield fire, to honor Solis. Others shift the sands to form new dunes and valleys. Though most seem to be born with such things, it does not mean they know it right away. Some show signs as children, perhaps a foal sneezes and smokes come from his nose. Others don’t seem to find it until they’ve grown into their hooves. 

In this case, that seems to hold true.

An asp makes its way through the canyons, twisting and turning arounds it maze of walls. Searching for the perfect drop of sun in which to rest. It is swiftly halted, an obstacle in its path. He has seen many of these, and taken many of their lives. But this one feels different. Usually in their presence he is threatened, and even now in instinct, the asp lurches upward, standing with its hood spread wide. It’s tongue flicking quickly. 

Yet there is something different about this one. Usually he is quick to strike, and turn the other way, but something about the woman… He feels… safer. As if enveloped by the sun itself, and though instinct tells him to strike, some small part of him thinks that instead he could flee, could leave her without harm. So he waits, tall and cold in the shadows, to see what the woman might do next. 

@Hagar sees an asp, ready to strike, but hesitating for just a moment, waiting to see how she will respond first.

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