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Look Forward... Trust Yourself... Find Peace

Pol shook her head as she traversed her homeland. The sight of Denocte in the morning was enough to make her smile. There was an air of emotions wrapping the aquatic mare as she walked, excitement and anxiety dancing through her like reef fish through corals. Excitement, because she finally felt like she was where she belonged. She had someone willing to teach her further how to heal and how to move forward into becoming the doctor that she hoped to become.

At the same time, Pol was anxious. What if she disappointed the elder healer? Would she be able to be useful? The young mare had to pause and take a few deep breaths on her way, lavender eyes closed tightly against the feat that was trying to swamp her. Breathing slowly, she shoved the emotions deep within her heart.

With a final deep breath, Pol pushed forward and made certain that she was on the correct path. Approaching the building that she had been directed to, the little mare knocked and waited patiently for the other mare.

"Luvena? It is Polar North..." She called loud enough for the other mare to hear, that way she knew who was coming and that it wasnt an emergency.

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The stars are alive, child! Did you know that? Everything out there is alive, and there are grand purpose abroad!

Winter had proven to be as difficult as she’d expected. The temperature in Denocte had cooled off significantly, leaving the ground frozen and hard. Some of the stalls in the night market had closed for the season, their vendors understandably unwilling to stand out in the weather to sell their wares. 

Her little one room home was not much warmer, with no fires lit to stave off the cold. In the day she let sunlight filter in to warm the room, but at night she covered the window, trying to keep in all the heat she could. At night the leonbergers curled in beside her, all covered in various furs and pelts she had acquired from the market. 

As with every winter sickness had crept into peoples homes, and she found her little healers den was busier then it had been all year. Her own illness was worse in the winters too, and she found herself coughing and feverish most of the time, but working through it near constantly to keep up with patients, and saving most of her herbs for them as well, worried that her stores would not last the season.

Luvena rose quickly at the knock, overjoyed to hear the young mares light voice. Stifling a cough she opened the wooden door, gesturing for the girl to come in. “I was wondering when you’d stop by” she greeted her. “How did that feverfew do for you? Hopefully it worked well enough to dull the worst of it.”

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