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There’s a part of him that knows he should have tried harder, that he should have given her his everything. And yet, there’s something that doesn’t sit well with him. She wants him to love her fiercely but he knows he can’t give her that. He’s torn between wanting to love again and being scared to love again. It’s not fair to her and he knows it, he can only hope that she will understand.

It’s been a week since their date, a week since they sat awkwardly trying to come up with things to talk about. It’s been a week since she called him on his bullshit and he didn’t have the words to say. At the time, he didn’t understand his own feelings, but he does now. He knows he was never truly invested in a relationship and she knew it before he did.

Slowly he walks along the shore of the lake, his eyes looking out for her. He doesn’t really want to trek up into the mountains, so he hopes that she has come down in a moment of peace for herself. And then he sees her. She’s standing there, looking out over the water with the moonlight light cascading over her. She is beautiful in this moment and he hates that he’s about to break her heart.

He steps closer to her, a soft whicker of greeting leaving lips. He doesn’t call out to her, but he hopes she at least knows the sound of his voice. He waits until she recognizes him before he steps closer to her, coming to stand beside her.

He’s silent a moment, trying to formulate the words in his head, words that won’t cause her too much pain. "Good evening Luvena." He slowly turns to look at her, the deepness of his brown eyes searching hers. Without realizing it, a bright pink hibiscus flower blooms into her mane. It weaves it’s way between each strand, latching on unnaturally and never letting go.

This is the moment he needs to break the news. "I trust you’ve heard that Elena has stepped down…" It’s a pitiful way to start the conversation, but in its own way, it’s telling about where his head is at. The last time he was forced to choose between love or his kingdom, he tried to choose both and it had failed. He was pledged to Terrastella and he could not turn his back on her. He hoped she might understand.



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The spark had faded. At the time she’d thought her words to him by the lake had been driven by passion. Now she wondered if it had simply been a longing for what once was. What once had been. Their date had been rather awkward… She hadn’t ended up saying what she wanted to say. That he needed to accept all of her, weakness and all.

The lake. This was where she had first tried to convince him. And had succeeded in that endeavor. Perhaps unfortunately so. She’d talked him into a romance and for what? To be held back from what he really wanted? And truthfully she was holding herself back too. Though she wasn’t sure if she was ready to admit that just yet.

And really they knew nothing of each other. He probably didn’t even know she’d come down from the mountains to live in the court. For quite some time now at that. That had been in the summer. Now the seasons had changed enough that there was a biting chill in the air. One she fought by keeping the girls pressed up against her. She’d come there now to think. Ever since she’d been up the peak she couldn’t shake the feeling of dread she’d felt up there. 

And then she saw him. On the other side of the lake, handsome as always. “Rhone” she murmured in response. She was trying to think what she should say to end things easily. Kindly. Afterall, she’d put them here. It seemed he had the same idea.

“I did” she replied quietly. “I take it you are putting your name in the running?” She nodded, more to herself than him. “I put mine in some time ago for champion of healing… It seems soon we will both have big things to worry about.”

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He had started off the conversation terribly. The moment the words had left his lips, he knew. He knew that they were not the right way to end things, but he could not take them back. But then again, maybe they had not been as much of a failure as he had thought. Perhaps he had done something right, opening the door to a conversation that he needed to have with her, but one he was terrified to have.

She answers politely enough, telling him that yes, she had heard about Elena stepping down. In the same breath, she assumed that he had put in his name for her replacement. While she was right, perhaps she was wrong about how he had actually come to the decision. "Aye." He was quiet a moment, looking out over the lake in quiet contemplation. "Ever since I came to Novus, I pledged myself to Terrastella, to Asterion. I have offered my advice and encouragement to all the kings and queens of Dusk because I was once a king.". His eyes looked to her and he waited, unsure if the news would shock her at all. The small tidbit of information had been something he didn’t tell many others, only those that needed to know it. Asterion new. Marisol had known. But not many others did. It was a piece of information he kept hidden because he did not want to be bathed in an unnatural light nor held to a much higher standard.

He sighed. He knew he needed to explain things further, that he needed her to understand where he was coming from. It was going to be a hard conversation, but she deserved that much. "I told myself I would never rule a kingdom again because I had failed so miserably at it. You see, when I was much younger, I tried to live the life of a king and be a father and lover. In the end, I tried to choose both, dividing my time between my kingdom and my family." He sighed, thoughts of Ariana, Dierdre, and the children he shared between the two women. It made his heart ache and he had forgotten how much he cared for his family. "It bit me in the ass. I did a disservice against my family and my kingdom and in the end, I lost both." Watching his family walk away had been the hardest day of his life. To see them begging for all of his attention and knowing he couldn’t give it to them had been painful.

Head drooped lower, his nose barely off the sand. "I told myself that I could never put myself in that position again because I couldn’t make the same mistakes twice." Slowly, he rose his head and turned to look at her. She deserved his full attention, even if he knew it would not be easy. "I care for you, Luvena…and perhaps I do really love you…but…" His voice trailed off for a moment. "…but I pledged my loyalty to Dusk before I ever met you. Dusk calls for me now and I had to choose. It was not fair to you to try and chose both you and Dusk…" By now she would begin to put the pieces together, to realize that he was trying to end the relationship that they had started.

However, he was not done. She deserved so much more and he would do his best to ensure that she was treated right and fair. "You deserve the sun, the moon, and the stars. You deserve someone who can give you all of that. I can’t be that someone for you…but I hope and pray you find that person." He sighed. "It is not fair for you to only get a part of me." She deserved all of someone. She deserved someone who would bow at her feet and give her everything she ever desired. He wished he could be that person, but he knew he could not. "I still value our friendship, Luvena, and I hope that we can still remain as such." He knew her heart would be broken, that she would probably not want to see him again. And yet, just maybe she would still allow him to be a friend to her, something he still wanted.



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