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Dusk Court  - Asta

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Dusk Court Entertainer
Female [She/Her/Hers]  |  4 [Year 502 Spring]  |  15.3 hh  |  Hth: 10 — Atk: 10 — Exp: 10  |    Active Magic: N/A  |    Bonded: N/A

Character Application

Player: @Dyzzie
Referred By: 
Characters: @Veil Nebula @Below Zero @Callynite @Caelum @Pangaea [unfinised] @Sunako [iced]
Are all characters active? Yep
When was your last character approved? Feb 7th, 2021
Have you filled out the "OOC Account ID" Field? Yes

Name: Asta Unn Stendahl
Age: 4 Years
Birth season: SPRING
Court: DUsk
Rank: Entertainer

Health: 10
Attack: 10

Items: N/A
Restricted Item Redemption Post: Outfit
Incentives: Outfit from incentive-0015
Other: Nope <3



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Changes Needed

You're close, but not quite there! I've sent an explanation of the changes needed to you via a private message. Please check the inbox of your character's account, and respond to the message if you have any questions. Once all changes have been implemented, you can either respond to the private message directly or respond to this thread.

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the someday crew


Played by Offline inkbone [PM] Posts: 71 — Threads: 0
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Owner Administrator


Your character has been approved! This thread has been moved to the Accepted Characters forum. If you make any significant updates to your character's profile, make sure to respond to this and let us know!

I absolutely am ENAMORED with how much detail you put into her profile! How it's formatted is exquisite and unique, and it was such an interesting treat to read all of the little quips, excerpts, facts, and everything on Asta ♥ Can't wait to see what she gets into... *-*

  • Dusk Court's Sovereign auditions just closed recently, and voting will be underway shortly. Keep an eye out for the announcement and don't forget to vote! ♥
  • You have been sent +20 signos for visual ref.
  • Outfit for incentive-0015 has been accepted, added to records, and item sent!

the novus crew

the someday crew


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