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Arriving in a new land was always interesting, but Creamsicle had to admit, this was probably the most interesting land thus far that he had come across. He still did not know much about it, had yet to talk to any locals within the realm. He was tired from his travels but the thing is... Creamsicle almost always felt tired. Bone-deep exhaustion that no amount of sleeping could fix. He had decided to not dwell on it, not when he had new places to see and new horses to meet, but he was wary. And weary. Would this land be one of war and strife, or of kindness and compassion? A gentleman himself and a nomad from a war-torn country, Creamsicle could only hope that he would find only kindness here. However, he was aware that was a lot to ask. Most could not find it in their hearts to be kind, especially to those they did not know, and he was a stranger amongst a land of unknowns. This was why he had kept to himself for so long, just wandering the outskirts, using his judgment to do his best to stay away from the main territories. The claimed territories. He stayed where faint scents all mixed and mingled with one another, where no one scent stuck out more than the rest. And that was how he'd discovered this place. 

It was beautiful here. Cold but beautiful. It must be winter in this realm. Creamsicle had lost track of time, of seasons. The days had all started to blur and blend together during his travels so he was thankful to have the cold to wake up him. To shake him free of the monotony of traveling. He approached the water with skepticism, worried that it would be too cold to enjoy. He was right about it being cold, the frigid waters enveloping his lower limbs with a sudden force that had him shivering, teeth chattering, but still, he pushed on. He felt drawn toward the archway he could see just ahead, though was worried he would have to end up swimming in order to get to it. Oddly enough, as he approached the archway, the water never got too terribly deep. He trudged through it, ears perked forward, legs numb from the cold. His breath misted in front of his nostrils with every breath, head cocked curiously. He could hear as well as feel some sort of hum, some sort of energy, from the archway. 

Best not to get too close... But what was life without a bit of adventure, eh? Too curious to not investigate further, Creamsicle lept forward through the archway, some instinct telling him to close his eyes. He held his breath as well, releasing it in a gasp as he felt himself be pulled forward toward... toward what, he didn't know, but suddenly the crashing of waves could no longer be heard and the salty brine of the ocean was no longer surrounding him, lingering only on his pelt. Stunning, the cream-hued stallion slowly peeked open his eyes to look around him. What he saw was shocking. He thought, perhaps, that he must have fallen asleep at some point and not realized it and was now having a dream, for this was now the beachy area he had previously been exploring. It was something, somewhere, entirely different. 

He stood now on the grounds of a mighty palace, expanding further than he could tell, towering high above him. The grounds surrounding the palace were just as mystical as well as ominous. Shocked by the sudden change in location, his limbs still damp from his frolicking through the water just moments ago, Creamsicle could only stand and stare at the structure before him.


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