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Portal IC Event  - Chaotic Incoming

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Female [She/Her/Hers]  |  7 [Year 500 Spring]  |  18 hh  |  Hth: 18 — Atk: 22 — Exp: 26  |    Active Magic: Necrobotany  |    Bonded: Sors (Necrobotanic Maned Chupacabra)

The dance of magic along her bones was a caress that the slightly insane mare enjoyed. Faction stepped from the portal, her most cherished companion at her side as his glowing orbs took in the new world that they had arrived in. There was a new energy to the world around them, something that made the pair cautious as eyes took in the rocks around them. They were in a canyon, something that Faction had always avoided.

Lifting her head, she stopped a few feet from the portal. Sors stopped beside her, pressing his form against her leg as he searched for danger. "I dont see anything familiar... Where are we?" The canid remarked, orbs taking in the strange new world.

"I am not sure... Far from home it seems..." Faction murmured as she flicked her multi-hued tail and luxuriated in the warmth of the vivid sunshine. "What seems good is that I dont hear any of the dangers that were in our home... We seem to be far from that forest. Far from the creatures that killed you." She murmured softly, dipping her muzzle to ruffle what was left of his mane along his back. Sors had once been a typical maned wolf... Before the attack that had left him nothing more than bones in the forest. Now, pieces of chupicabra made his form different and unique, as well as the plant matter that was woven into his frame.

"It is unusually hot..." Sors remarked dryly, lower jaw dropping slightly as he shot a playful glance at his bonded. Faction snorted and nodded, her own acid green eyes dancing along the sands and rocks.

"The air is more dry as well... Hopefully your plants will not be compromised." She murmured, cautious eyes taking in his form. The canid shook his head and began to seek out water for the pair to drink. Faction followed him patiently, ears alert for any incoming presence that could cause harm to herself or her companion.

"Faction's Words" - "Sors' words"
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you can melt things down and start anew
Winter did not touch the realms of Solterra. It didn't dare. It turned all other realms into a frozen desert, as all the moisture was pulled from the air and thrust upon the ground. Yet, adventure it seemed was never very far away from the shining city of Solis. Rumors of portals swelled across all of Novus. She recalls first hearing of these strange magical vortexes while traveling through Terrastella. The small mare could not deny the calling in her bones. It was the same calling that led her to Novus. Cordelia allows her thoughts to race through her fond memories of adventure as her short legs race across the firm terra beneath her daggers. Her cloak whispers in the wind as she races through the proud stone walls of the canyon.

It is the only thing about her that is delicate. It is her softness that allows others to underestimate her far more often than her size. The strangeness in the air is impossible to miss. The sensation elicits excitement in the retired adventurer who thrust herself to the precipice of danger without a dagger resting at her hip. It is these sorts of thrills that renew her love for danger and battle when she knows she should be more interested in her tea shop. 

It is hard for an old adventurer to give up their old habits. The heaviness of the air does not ease, it swells the closer she draws to where everyone has told her about these strange portals. Only when she hears someone speak does she slow her approach. A strange light swirling from the center of the portal greets her eyes first, but next, she finds a rather unusual pair. One is nothing but bones full of shrubs, and the other is a fairly normal appearing horse.

Cordelia is immediately fascinated by the creature who is a literal walking garden. She can't help herself in her excitement as she begins to race toward them, with a jovial look on her face. Her approach is anything but threatening, although she will be prepared if it comes to blows. She stops near the pair, out of breath but her eyes shine brightly as she peers at the strangers.

She has not missed the comment the equine made about their plants. "It depends on the plants, but deserts are often harsh to greenery." She answers sweetly, although Cordelia has not been asked. 

"I'm Cordelia, I like to call myself a herbologist but really I'm just an old adventurer who loves plants and runs a tea shop. Did you two just come through that portal? Where does it go?" She gushes, unable to contain her excitement. Even in her old age, she still musters the energy of a star-struck filly.


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Day Court Battlemage
Female [She/Her/Hers]  |  7 [Year 500 Spring]  |  18 hh  |  Hth: 18 — Atk: 22 — Exp: 26  |    Active Magic: Necrobotany  |    Bonded: Sors (Necrobotanic Maned Chupacabra)

Faction startled at the appearance of another equine. Beside her, Sors paused and watched the approaching mare with unemotional green orbs. The skeletal facade from the creature did not showcase any emotion or thoughts, other than the flick of an ear that betrayed his interest.

"Hello... I am Faction, this is Sors. I am a necrobotanist... The portal appeared when we were in danger in the forest that we had once called home. I am uncertain that it would lead back." The striking dun mare responded, motioning to her companion. Sors dipped his head in acknowledgement to the introduction.

"Where are we? This looks completely unfamiliar to me and I have no idea where the portal could have taken us." Faction continued as she took in the other mare's appearance. If she was indicative of the kind of beings that lived here, than this seemed to be a safer location than the ruins that she had previously called home. That might be a good thing.

"This mare has youthful exuberance... Seems kind. Perhaps things will be different here than they were in the forest. Less things here that want to eat you." Sors remarked, his voice sounding like gravel rather than the barks of a traditional maned wolf.

"Faction's Words" - "Sors' words"
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